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Travel Guide to Mylor, Cornwall

Mylor is a harbour village in Cornwall located North of Falmouth. This quaint, cozy village is a perfect place to plan your next vacation if you love boating, beautiful architecture, and delicious English food. If you do decide to make the trip to Cornwall, use these popular excursions and places to make your stay unforgettable. Here is a travel guide to the Mylor yacht harbour. 

Where to Stay

First things first, you will need a place to stay during your time in Mylor. Look no further than the hundreds of beautiful cottages dotted around the English countryside. Not only are these abodes comfortably close to the village, but they also allow you an authentic taste of rural living with traditional furnishings, decorations, and architecture. 

Instead of a hotel or motel, try an actual home; you will get a much more comfortable and memorable stay. In fact, you may find it difficult to actually leave your house to get to the village or harbour. You can find plenty of beautiful Cornish properties online at

Try the famous Cornish cuisine


You certainly won’t go hungry in Mylor. The English influences are clear in this Cornish dwelling with plenty of seafood, pastries, and meat pies. Make sure to get a stargazy pie, which features a pastry filled with potatoes, eggs, and fish heads gazing upwards, hence the name.

In Mylor, you are not confined to land when it comes to restaurants. Because Mylor is surrounded on three sides by water, you can find plenty of river cruises with food, drink, and entertainment. One popular restaurant you should definitely check out is the Blue River Table

The Blue River Table is a guided tour in a traditional Cornish fishing vessel along the rivers and creeks around Mylor. The food style is influenced by travel; you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired dishes. They feature several meals, like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even teatime.

Water Sports

Mylor is a yacht harbour, so leaving the location without experiencing a boat ride is a big mistake. Depending on the season you decide to visit, you can find tons of activities along the harbour. If the water is a bit too chilly, you can hire a boat and explore the coves and secluded beaches along the Cornish riverside. 

When the weather is warm, try stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking. Not only do you get a great upper-body workout, but you can also cool off in the beautiful water. Several companies along the coastline rent out equipment riverside, so you don’t have to lug anything from your beautiful cottage. If you’re a beginner, check out the lessons that several establishments offer to get your feet wet. 

Clear your head and enjoy the fresh English air

More Activities

If you get tired of the water, there are plenty of other activities to check out while you’re in Mylor. The green countryside is lush and beautiful, so a hike or morning walk is an amazing way to clear your head and enjoy the fresh English air. Enys Garden is a beautiful location near Mylor, with rotations of flowers year-round. You can explore the garden, stop for tea, and even see a show.

If you prefer to see more man-made scenery, visit the St. Mylor church, which is the center of the village; appreciate the 17-foot tall Celtic cross at the head of the church, under which you can see the graves of captains and sailors who died in the harbour. 

Mylor is a beautiful town filled with rich history. If you would like to see an authentic example of Cornish architecture, traditions, and customs, the harbour will not disappoint you. 

Header photo by Tim Green under Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

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