Top Zoos in America Perfect For Family Travel

Top Zoos in America Perfect For Family Travel

Every family is different. They have their own secret handshakes, secret recipes and a lot of different heirlooms, etc. This is also true when it comes to a good vacation trip. Since every family is unique, they have their own taste in terms of a good trip. Today, we’ll show you the different zoos that every family could visit.

Bronx Zoo

This zoo is located in over 265-acre land in New York which is home to 6,000 animals.  It is known as one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world. Bronx Zoo is popular because of its large and diverse animal collections, exhibitions, and its reproduced habitats. One example of which is the Congo Gorilla Forest, it is now home to lowland gorillas, mandrills and okapis.

It doesn’t only feature exhibitions and reproduced habitats, it also offers a lot of activities that could be a bonding moment for the whole family. One of these activities is treetop adventure which is a brand-new aerial adventure park where guests can climb and zipline through the trees above the park. If your family wants a more chill bonding, you can visit their butterfly garden where different types of insects are painted among flowers and nectar trays.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

This zoo is a 74-acre property. Your family can enjoy a whole afternoon of fun and knowledge as they offer a lot of activities here. The zoo is home to almost 2,000 animals, it features big cats, elephants, giraffes, and flamingos! You can not only see the animals here, but you also get to interact with these lovely creatures. The zoo offers interactive animal encounters with cheetah, penguins, and birds. Other activities include watching how elephants are bathe, giraffe feeding, bird feeding and many more! The zoo does not only offers animal encounters, it also has different amusement rides that kids would definitely love! Lastly, you could buy their fun souvenirs so your family can remember the day you visited this zoo.

Denver Zoo

This zoo is very popular for most campers because it is near the camping site in Denver. While you’re doing hiking or mountaineering, you could check out this zoo. If your family pities animals inside cages, this zoo is definitely for you. It is one of the zoos which used a more natural approach in terms of taking care of their animals. They have built a cage-free enclosures and more friendly spaces for different kinds of animals. Currently, the zoo is taking care of four-thousand animals which are placed in their 80-acre property. Also, they offer different events to raise awareness for the protection of different animals. Last September 7, they had an international vulture awareness day where they’ve let people see their resident vultures. Check out their page here to know more about these events!

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium is a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. The zoo is home to 17,000 animals representing 962 species. The mission of this zoo is focused on conservation, research, recreation, and education. This zoo is renowned for its leadership in animal conservation and research. This zoo features seven exhibits that your family can definitely enjoy! One of which is the “Kingdoms of the night” which is the largest nocturnal exhibit and indoor swamp. The lied Jungle which is one of the world’s largest indoor rainforests can be found here as well. To add, they have the desert Dome which is one of the world’s largest indoor deserts.

If your family is interested to see life underwater, this is the right zoo for you! Its attached aquarium is the largest within a zoo in the country. It offers you the chance to wander through exhibits featuring everything from temperate ocean life and coral reefs to Antarctic penguins and polar bears. This is really one of the places that is worth visiting as it is one of the top paid attendance attractions. It served 25 million visitors for the past forty years.

Indianapolis Zoo in Indianapolis

This zoo is home to 2,000 animals. It does not only feature animals, but you could also see different kinds of plants here. If your kids have their own favorite plants, you should bring them here! This zoo has 31,000 plants grouped together in meticulous habitats including deserts, forests, and plains. The Indianapolis Zoo offers a lot of interactive activities just like its “Animal Art Adventures”. It allows participants to create paintings with the aid of animal artists. Participants could do this with the help of the zookeepers of dolphins, elephants, penguins, and rhinos. It also has a special petting which area allows children to touch the tamer animals. World’s largest enclosed dolphin show and the roller coaster are also what attract visitors the most. It is for all ages to enjoy!

Indiana zoo is not only well-known for its land animals, but they are also known for their aquarium. Their aquarium is the largest one in Indiana. The habitats of their underwater animals are organized through the concept of biomes where animals at this zoo are grouped depending on the type of habitats, plants and climate needed.

San Diego Zoo

This zoo is home to 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies. They are placed in the 100-acre property. It is located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California. This zoo offers Wildlife Hero Talks series where you can learn more about conservation and research. This is the perfect place for your kids if you want them to learn the importance of conservation. Also, you could help them adopt wildlife species. They have different packages for that. There’s digital packages and mailed packages for their cute little pandas. You can check out more of their packages here.

If your family is considering to visit the San Diego Zoo, some of the top-rated stops include the Scripps Aviary which is filled with 130 African native birds, the Panda Trek, and the Polar Bear Plunge where visitors are allowed to wander through a bamboo forest spotting giant and red pandas.

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