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Top Solo Travel Holiday Destinations-Quebec City

Top Solo Travel Holiday Destinations- Quebec City:  After travel to 68+ countries and all 50 US states, my top choice is still the Vieux-Québec or the Old City of Quebec. I have visited 7-8 times, including for two solo Christmases. It is perfect at any time of year but just right when faced with “Home Alone for the Holidays”! When the US dollar is strong, Quebec is a really great value. I say, only somewhat in jest, that it is a trip to “France” at half the cost and half the travel time.

Why have we chosen this location as one of our solo travel holiday destinations-Quebec City?

Ideal scenery for a “White Christmas”:

Quebec City delivers and then some. Although I have flown out after blizzards, I always trust Air Canada to take me safely home. (This includes the time after two de-icings we took off really quickly. Apparently we were trying to avoid trip #3 to the “shed”!) Perched on a cliff high above the St. Lawrence Seaway, you can also hike down to the Lower Village (or just take the funicular!).


  • The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the few walled cities remaining in the world and in the “New World” at that. The colonial period is reflected everywhere but especially on the Plains of Abraham. A great battle took place there in the 18th century in which the British under General Wolfe won over the French led by Marquis de Montcalm.

Endless Activities:

If you need a good spa rest, you can find a Jacuzzi and Swedish massage.

For me, downhill skiing was the draw, but Nordic skiing is available there, too. I also had a thrill during my two dog sledding forays. One plus of being a solo traveler? I went with the guide so I did not have to drive the dogs myself!

If you are brave, you can try the luge. If you are just graceful, try out the ice skating.

French Canadian Cuisine:

There are multiple informal cafes and also grand cuisine at the large local hotels. Fresh French baguettes are sold even at the mini-marts, and you can sample lots of local bakery items.


Small shops carry a wide range of goods from wooly sweaters to silk scarves and elegant coats and formal wear. I was pleased to find waterproof winter boots. I had not thought about how melting snow would leave me in apres-ski boots with two very wet socks underneath!


Check this out ahead of time on the Internet. I tried to join in some volunteer efforts too late one Christmas. The word was that most of the work had been done ahead of time.


As a female solo traveler, I also feel safe staying in the Old City. In addition, as it is a small town, everyone was very welcoming and happy to engage in English or French!

Top Solo Travel Holiday Destinations-Quebec City: Lodging:

My favorite is the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. It is a splurge for the holidays. For low prices, check out the rates in Feb’s chill. They have a pool indoors where you can swim looking out on the city’s skyline. (It also offers a historic venue as the site of a key meeting of Churchill and Roosevelt.) There are small bed and breakfasts and local inns. See, for example, the Auberge du Trésor. It is a quaint red-roofed inn right in the heart of the Old City.

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