Top Solo Travel Destination: Puerto Rico One Trip Many Options

Top Solo Travel Destination: Puerto Rico One Trip Many Options

Top Solo Travel Destination: Puerto Rico: I was asked by a travel writer to list the top ten things to do in Puerto Rico. What was the only problem for me? I came up with 30+ ideas. How could I choose? After that, I wanted to let you know what a great spot this is for solos. I went there for work but found a way to add a leisure piece. One tip: If you come from North America (East Coast), be sure to note the time zones. My co-worker and I planned a beach day. We stopped to buy sun hats. When we got to the beach that fall day after 5 PM, the sun had set!

Puerto Rico: Why This Spot?

Puerto Rico has many of the same attractions that draw solo travelers to Costa Rica. There is a mix of sun and surf. It blends Caribbean and Spanish culture. Good news:  The prices are low for high quality. For North Americans, it is all close by with a short flight.

Puerto Rico is much more than a beach community. It is a real part of the history of the Western Hemisphere.


Puerto Rico: Its History:

Although we may think of Puerto Rico as one island, it is many islands, an archipelago.  There were people there way back in 3,000 BC. However, in our world today, the key focus is on the 16th century when the Spanish explorers came. The top date was 1493. That was when Columbus sighted the island on his 2nd trip.  Puerto Rico then became Spain’s top post in the area. In the next century, Spain sent settlers to colonize the island.  Forts built then like El Morro were then the sites for our tours now 500 years more.  In the early 19th century, Simón Bolivar arrived as nationalism grew in the region.  In 1873, a republic was declared. At this time, Puerto Rico is a US territory. From time to time, votes have been cast to be the 51st state.

Top Solo Travel Destination: Puerto Rico: Things to Do:

There are lots of things to do and see. This is a sampling.

1.Tour Old San Juan’s monuments to the colonial period. Start with forts like El Morro and San Felipe.

2.Stroll through the UNESCO World Sites.

3.Visit museums and galleries.

4.Star gaze at the Arecibo Observatory.

5.Tour the San Cristobal Cathedral.

6.Hike through the rainforest  El Yunque.

7.Swim at the neighboring Luquillo Beach.

8.Go rappelling up steep cliffs.

9.Explore the Caverns of the Camuy River.

10.Trek through the Mangrove National Forest.

11.Kayak through the mangroves. Go on a glass-bottom kayak.

12.Try out zip lining.

13.Take a salsa lesson.

14.Go out wine tasting and sample local restaurants and nightlife.

15.Snorkel, scuba or yes: “snuba”!

16.Surf and snap the ultimate selfie.

17. Check out body-rafting.

18.Ride the rapids on a whitewater raft on the Tanama River or the Lower  Rio Oansaco.

19.Join a Segway tour.

20.Another option?  Go on an ATV adventure.

21.Take a sunset sail.

22.Take the ferry 6 miles to Vieques or 17 miles out to the island of Culebra.

23.Go deep-sea fishing.

24.Tour via jet-skis.

25.Reach new heights in a hot-air balloon.

26.Another option? Tour in a helicopter.

27.Leave the tropical heat behind in the La Cordillera Mountains.

28.Go on a “safari” or at least a wildlife and ecotour at Cabo Rojo.

29.Take a dip in the surf at the popular Cabo Rojo Beach.

30.Have a kiteboard or paddleboard lesson.


Top Solo Travel Destination: Puerto Rico: Where to Stay:

I stayed in Old San Juan at popular4-star hotel , El Covento, at an affordable price.  Click here. As its name sounds, it is a very atmospheric colonial low rise hotel.  Nearby is La Terraza which also dates back to Puerto Rico’s Spanish past.  For a very budget-friendly approach, see our listing at this link for Chateau Cervantes.  Select additional options from the luxury 5-star Condado Vanderbilt to the economical El Escondido Guest House can be found for dates/prices at our search engine with more than 800,000 options with verified solo travel reviews. See also 10 Caribbean spots for a solo travel vacation.

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