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Top Casinos to Visit in Asia

Wherever you go in Asia, excitement isn’t far behind.  From buzzing night markets to exotic beaches, you don’t have to look hard to find engaging experiences.

But what if casino gaming is your idea of a great night out? In that case, you might have a challenge on your hands. In many Asian cultures, games of chance are frowned upon, even though they’ve also given rise to casino standards like sic bo.

This duality means that while casinos exist in Asia, they aren’t widespread. So, where are the best places to gamble on this magnificent continent? In today’s blog, we’ll highlight three casinos that make it easy to have an evening filled with gaming thrills. 

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

For years, Singapore had a reputation of being all business. It was a great place to trade and make money, but having a fun time? Unfortunately, for many years, this city-state lacked in that category.
But then, bit-by-bit, things began to change. Sentosa Island, with its amusement parks, did a lot to start shifting perceptions. But it was the completion of Marina Bay Sands that put Singapore on the entertainment map.
Possessing three towers topped by SkyPark, a cantilevered platform that boasts a jaw-dropping infinity pool, Marina Bay Sands has finally given Singapore a destination resort. And within that resort lies one of Southeast Asia’s top casinos. Boasting 1,500 slots, 600 table games, and a massive shopping mall, this place is a must-visit, even if you aren’t staying on the property.

Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

Are you visiting neighbouring Malaysia on your Southeast Asian trip? Then, take a trip out of steamy Kuala Lumpur to Resorts World Genting. In one hour, you’ll be more than 6,000 feet above sea level in much cooler, refreshing air.
But there’s more to do than enjoy relief from lowland humidity. Within Resorts World Genting, you’ll find over 3,000 slots and 400 table games. That’s outstanding selection, and for a good reason – Genting is the only legal casino in all of Malaysia. When you aren’t gaming, you can also enjoy Genting’s many restaurants, shops, and theme parks. 

Grand Lisboa, Macau

But what if you want to choose from multiple casinos in Asia? If casino gaming is a priority for you, include Macau in your itinerary. In this special Chinese territory, you’ll have over 40 casinos to choose from.
Unlike the rest of Asia, finding a place to gamble isn’t a problem – but picking one is. If you don’t have time to sample them all, ensure a visit to Grand Lisboa is part of your plans.
Finding this hotel & casino won’t be a problem.  This building is easily the tallest in Macau, as it stands 47 storeys high. It features a stunning design, as its gilded windows are crafted to resemble the opening petals of a lotus flower.
Within, the gaming floor of the Grand Lisboa offers plenty of choices. It has more than 800 slots, 200 table games, and more than 120 baccarat tables. Pair that with its “Crazy Paris” stage show, and you have an amazing venue that’ll likely be the highlight of your Macau trip.   

Asia Does Have Its Share of Excellent Gaming Establishments

While Asia might not have a gaming culture like in Europe or America, what exists shines bright. So, whether you are in Macau or Singapore, you’re likely to find an inspiring place to gamble.

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