Top 10 Natural Wonders In Europe

Top 10 Natural Wonders In Europe

Top 10 Natural Wonders In Europe: a Guest Post by Frank Hamilton*

Europe is not only a unique story that preserves the heritage of the Masons and the secrets of the Middle Ages. This is not only unique architecture from prehistoric Stonehenge to the masterpieces of Gaudi. These are not only some of the most powerful political players on the world stage. It is also unique natural attractions that attract tourists from all over the world every year.

A pandemic is not a reason to cancel your plans. But this is an occasion to stay away from the narrow streets filled with tourists and to shift your attention towards the natural wonders of Europe, the list of which we have prepared for you.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia deserve to take first place in the world tops of the coolest natural attractions. This is a natural park of extraordinary beauty. Here, winding paths, waterfalls, and turquoise waters replace each other every few minutes.

And yes, it’s not so easy to visit this place. Huge lines gather here during the tourist season. In addition, there are very strict rules – you can’t be with dogs here, you can’t smoke and eat. Just one discarded piece of paper or a cigarette butt is a synonym for a huge fine.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

This lake and the castle on the island in its center are certainly a visiting card of Slovenia. This place is beautiful at any time of the year. Moreover, in the tourist season, it is possible to get to the island by boat, as well as view the medieval castle, which used to be a fortress, and now has become a museum surrounded by water. The Alps surrounded this island and castle, and all this was created by nature itself.

Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Montenegro is one solid bay. You should see this country at least once in your life, drive a car along a mountain serpentine contemplating small resort towns that are located below, at the very edge of the water. Montenegro is a story about incredible nature, about the air that makes you dizzy, about the mountains that reach the sky, and surround you from all sides. Do not even doubt – at the moment when your plane will land from the sea (and this is the only way to land the plane in Tivat) you will already be hit on the spot.

Prompt! Be sure to visit the island of St. Stephen. This is one of the most incredible places in Montenegro, and one of the favorite residences of world celebrities, too.

Verdon Gorge, France

Contrary to popular opinion, France is not only Paris. It is not only Provence and not only Cannes. France is also mountains, rivers, and lakes that you did not know about. The Verdon Gorge is worthy of your attention, especially since it is not so far from Paris. The age of this gorge is over 200 million years. Now, this is a great place for swimming, leisurely walks, climbing, and incredible photos for your blog, of course.

Northern Lights, Norway

Perhaps it is possible to write several dozen guides on how to catch the Northern Lights in Norway, Finland, Iceland or Russia. But one fact remains unshakable – you definitely need to see this natural phenomenon, regardless of which country you choose for this. The most active northern lights occur between January and March – just when the air temperature reaches critically low levels. However, the cold, the long journey, and the darkness are worth seeing this miracle.

Melissani Cave, Greece

If you think that the most popular Instagram place in Greece is Santorini, then you are probably right. You are right, but only partially. Because there is another place in Greece that will blow up your Instagram and will amaze you with its beauty. This is the Melissani cave in Kefalonia which has a natural opening. At this point, the color of the sky and the color of the water are the same, and it seems that the cave itself is illuminated by a blue, almost northern light from within.

Heviz Thermal Lake, Hungary

Lake Heviz is a welcoming place that invites everyone who wants to admire the amazing nature of Hungary, as well as take care of their health with the help of thermal waters.

Regardless of which resort of Hungary you choose for relaxation and treatment, or maybe you are more interested in the architecture of Budapest, plan your route in such a way as to spend at least one day on this lake.

Nature Reserve Dry Cinnen, Italy

If you ask the Italian people about the most beautiful place in their country, they will not tell you about Rome. They will not tell you about Venice, they will not say about the Coliseum, they will not say about the Vatican. Of course, all these places are also beautiful, but if we talk about the best natural places in Italy, then the locals will immediately show you the way to the Dry Zinnen Nature Reserve. This place is for everyone without exception – for lovers of extreme mountain trails, and for those who draw inspiration from nature. Feel yourself a part of the beauty and power concentrated here – and you will no longer be the same. Undoubtedly, this place can be considered one of the most mesmerizing European landscapes.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Although Switzerland is comprised of a small territory, thanks to the intelligence and ingenuity of the locals, it is one of the most economically stable countries. Of course, the main natural asset of Switzerland is the Alps, but there is another place that you should pay attention to. This is the Rhine Falls. If you have not seen Niagara – do not be discouraged. What you see here has every chance of making an equally strong impression. The power of water and rocks surrounded by lush greenery will not leave you indifferent.

Las Catedrales Beach, Spain

Spain is rich in beautiful sandy beaches that are not inferior to the Maldives or Dominican in their beauty. However, Las Catedrales Beach is a special place. Here, the rocks formed a truly unique landscape. Natural holes in the rocks look like a handmade tunnel, but in fact, this is all a creation of nature itself, water, wind, and time. Be sure to go through this tunnel, take off your shoes, and walk along the turquoise water and marble sand.


Be sure to visit all the places from this list and do not doubt that now you know almost everything about the natural beauty of Europe. And do not forget to share your impressions of the best nature in Europe with others on your Instagram and personal blog. And by the way, if travel takes all your time, do not hesitate to ask for help from the best freelance authors whose rating you can find on the Online Writers Rating writing services reviews platform.

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