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Toddler Beds & Vacation: what you should know

Parents would always want the best comfort for their children. During vacations, travelling could be a stressful activity for both parents and children, especially toddlers ( discusses the realities of travelling with toddlers). To ensure a hassle-free travel, parents plan and prepare carefully their travel plans, especially when they travel with their children. One thing to be considered for travel plans is sleeping comfort of their toddlers.

Choosing a toddler bed is not as simple as going to the mall and just picking up the first bed you see. Knowing the factors and the important things you need to consider when buying a toddler bed would make the task easier. Here’s a list of these factors that should help you decide on what to choose.

Is it safe enough?

This should be the first thing that should be considered. The toddler bed is not just intended for sleeping comfort but also to keep your child safe and ensure security. In some cases, injuries and life-time conditions, even death, are due to a child’s fall from his bed. Children, especially toddlers, most often move a lot – they bounce, jump, play, and just move a lot in bed so they need more space.  OF course, as parents you would not want to restrict your child’s movement as it is part of growing up, but you would also not want to jeopardize their safety as, again, a simple falling of the bed can be harmful to them. Hence, you would need security measures to keep them from falling out.

Safety rails are pre-requisites: Choose a toddler bed with guard rails on the edges; these rails will keep your toddler from falling off the bed. In case, you bought a bed that do not have any rails, you can buy them separately and just have them attached to the bed. 

Child-friendly edges: Child-friendly beds are safer for kids. They are safe against cuts and bruises. In case your beds have a few rough or edges, you can still have them child-friendly by padding the rough edges.

Non-toxic finishes and paints: Some paints and finishes contain toxic chemicals that may cause allergies or are harmful to your kids (click here for more on the effects of paint fumes). It is best that you check first if the beds are painted or finished with these chemicals. It is best to choose those that have non-toxic finish or paint or you can paint it on your own. Suggested paint color is dark or pastel colors.

Safety certification: Check safety certifications from manufacturing authorities to ensure that the commodity you are buying passed the set standards

Buy a bed suited to your child’s age: Because they would want to save as much as they can, parents would usually buy a big bed for their kids because they would not buy a new one when the kids grow up. However, this should not be the case. Parents should consider the ages of their kids when they buy beds for them. You must use this to consider if you should buy a cot, a toddler bed or a junior bed.

Its make and design

Since kids are most often very active wherein they would not care where to play and have fun, the bed would have to be such quality that can endure years of bouncing and jumping. It has to be of sturdy and quality foundation, otherwise, instead of being able to save, you will end up spending more than what you have budgeted for. The better the foundation, the lesser chance of having to replace its parts every now and then; this will totally result as expensive. Furniture wood is expensive but you will alter on see that this will provide a very good base for the bed and will be best comfortable for your toddlers. 

Check the materials

Although wood provides for a good and sturdy foundation, check out the make of the frame and the construction quality. If the bed is made of metal, check the joints and make sure bolts and screws are in their proper places and are completely secured. Make sure that the legs are as durable as the frame. If the bed is made of plastic, make sure to check if there is nothing toxic in it. Plastics are cheap but can still give the comfort needed.

A comfy fit: A comfortable mean means a cozy mattress and a good frame. When buying a bed, make sure that the mattress fits perfectly on the frame, and is held tight. Also, check if there is a gap between the mattress and the frame because if there is, that could be a potential hazard trap. 

Amazing designs: Your toddler perhaps have favorite cartoon characters, you can choose beds of such theme designs, choose fun colors or maybe have your toddler have color preferences. This will really add on to the comfort to your kids. 

Watch the weight: It is also important to check the weight limit of the beds you are planning to buy. Check if it allows you to sit by your kid. The manufacturer’s information should include this detail. 

Check how  presents an argument whether or not toddler beds are worth the budget.

Is it within your budget?   

Within the budget is really good because it does not distort the household’s budget. But do not be lured with cheap choices that do not deliver the expected quality and safety because those are very important and most of the times they come with real price tags, but will not disappoint you. 

Check warranties

So before you go and write a check on the counter, check the warranties, it might come handy. Before you make the decision of buying bed, it’s obvious to check the warranty given by the manufacturers. Generally, most of manufacturer offers 90 days warranty on parts while others will have a full warranty up to a year.

How to assemble the toddler bed of your choice?

It may look easy but it is actually not. But the best thing about this is that they come with manuals to follow when you assemble the toddler bed you bought. Manufacturers often include very clear instructional material on how to assemble these beds. Also, you can add on to your knowledge user feedback online so you will have your own DO’s and DON’T’s when you begin to assemble.

The popular brands and best travel beds for toddlers

Lastly, you also have to consider the brands of these beds, which is a better brand and best travel beds for toddlers that are most favorable to you. Especially when you are looking for something you can travel with.

Yes, you have to consider the brand also. Since you will be after the quality and comfort of your toddler’s bed, you might want to check out the popular brands available in the market today. Check the brand history of each and the user feedback before you decide on what to buy. Whichever brand you will pick, always think about the comfort of your toddler simply because a grumpy toddler can cause a major hassle when you travel. 

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