Three Steps to Choose a Camping Tent

Three Steps to Choose a Camping Tent

Camping is fun when you are geared up with all the essentials. A quality tent is one of the prerequisites which cannot be ignored to make your camp activity a success. With a wide range of camping tents available in the market, each one serves a specific purpose and hence should be chosen wisely. 

There are several factors which must take into considerations, such as the number of people required to be accommodated, the conditions for which the tent is needed, how long it will be used, etc., decides the type of camping tent you require.

Here are the three steps which help you choose the right camping tent:

Selection of the correct type of tent

Three season tents are often considered as the best choice due to their flexibility to fit any weather type. Such tents are light in weight and have various provisions to deal with weather conditions in summer, autumn, and spring. 

If you are camping with multiple people on time, you should choose family tents which come with multiple rooms and tall walls. Such tents offer lots of space but are bulkier too. Hence, you can only transport them by car. 

If you love to camp in cold or snowy places, you need to buy four-season tents. These are specifically designed for winter and are made from durable materials to handle extreme wind and cold. 

For backpacker campers, backpacking tents are the best option, which moderately weights around 2 pounds and ideal for the long treks.

Selection of right shape and size

Depending on the number of people camping along with you, and the duration of camping, the right size of the camp can be determined. On average, the size of the tent can be identified with a simple calculation of 30 sq. Ft. Per person. So, if you are camping along with three other people, so a tent with a space of 120 sq. Ft. will be ideal for you.

The tent must be sized rightly, neither too big, not too small. While the small tent is not comfortable to stay in, too large a tent is shaped awkwardly and challenging to carry long distances due to their bulky weights. 

You can count upon A-frame tents, which are light-weighted and less expensive. It is the most common shape but does not withstand harsh climatic conditions. To pick more stabilized tents, you can choose Dome-shaped tents which offer good headroom as well.

Look for features and quality material

A tent with the right weather protection is an excellent choice. So, look up the climatic conditions of the camping areas where you camp often. The weight and packaging of the tent should also be compact and easy to carry. 

Tent with at least one vestibule can help you with your clothing and supplies by extending your storage space. Always buy a tent with a footprint (a cloth underneath your canopy). Most of the tent comes as single-wall or double-wall. Single wall tents are lighter in weight while double tents are highly spacious and protective.

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