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These are the Top Must-Do Things To Do When You Plan Your Vacation in Marco Island

Forget about traveling to the Caribbean Islands or any other hot vacation islands that are considered “exotic” when you can harness the analogous experience within the States. Over the years, there have been so many contenders for the best exotic vacation island spot that people seem to have sidelined out some of the most unique and exquisite destinations –in other words, Underrated!

Marco Island, which is located in Florida and South of Naples, is one such exquisite vacation destination that you should visit personally to appreciate what bewildering fascinations it has to offer. 

South Florida consists of an enormous stretch of a cluster of ten thousand Islands, amongst which, Marco Island is considered the largest. The Island is situated in close proximity to Naples (not the one in Italy, of course!), which is also a hot zone for shopping and nightlife enthusiasts as well. It is connected to the mainland through two fully operating and drivable bridges that allow easy navigation to and fro from the Island.  

Apart from that, Marco Island is also popular for its extremely ideal weather conditions and the endless stretch of beautiful landscapes filled with numberless palm trees and mangrove estuaries as well. Marco Island is also the only developed land in the entirety of the chain of Islands in South Florida. As such, there are no shortages of luxury resorts, parks, and properly maintained beaches. In brief, you may be left pulling your hair out, deciding which activities to partake in.

This is a comprehensive guide to help you zero-in on the most exciting and enthusiastic things to do in Marco Island

Spend a day Collecting exotic seashells

Talk about unconventional trip, right? Collecting seashells does not usually rank up high on the things-to-do list on your vacation trip. However, you can make a rare exception in this case, considering Marco Island probably houses one of the most varied and exquisite types of seashells, some of which include olive shells, whelks, scallops, Junonia shell, etc.  

In fact, Marco Island offers a dedicated tour for people willing to participate in the specific enterprise. There is a vast magnitude of agents that offer seashell tours that take you around the corners of the Ocean where you can collect your heart’s worth of exquisite seashells. 

Experience a quiet day-out on the South Marco Beach

 Beach, of course, is going to be one of your primary targets when you’re on your vacation Island trip, and the South Marco Beach offers everything you can possibly anticipate from an ideal beach. South Marco Beach is one of the only two developed beaches in the Marco Island available for public exploration. 

This beach is ideal for people looking for a solitary place to hang out and chill with friends or families and enjoy a quiet time admiring the beauty of the panoramic view of the Ocean. However, the beach, due to its hushed location, has limited amenities as compared to its more commercially successful sibling.

Enjoy a unique Dolphin tour

One of the more popular things that Marco Island is known for is the abundance of aquatic life in its natural sanctuary. Dolphin, in particular, is the key highlight, and you don’t want to miss out on the magnificent show that these exotic creatures can display while on they are in their natural harbor. Take your family out on a unique Dolphin expedition with the Marco Island Dolphin tour and create an idiosyncratic experience to cherish for a lifetime. In addition to just enjoying the mesmeric display of the Dolphins, the tour guides also enlighten you with the various types of species available, including the local breeds to help you gain some productive information as well.

Chop out a day to visit Naples

If you’re too tired from the monotonous panoramic view of the endless white beaches and Ocean, consider taking out a day to visit Naples and explore the hot shopping spots such as waterside shops, Tin City, or Coastland Center around the city. 

In addition to visiting the shopping complexes, you can also explore the unique cuisines and the vibrant nightlife as well. Altogether, a visit to Naples can provide something new and refreshing, apart from the familiar sight of endless blue oceans.

Plan out a day of golfing 

For a coastal city like Macro Island, you may not anticipate any other sporting activity other than surfing, but, on the contrary, the Island offers an exquisite stretch of green yard ideal for giving your golfing skills a try. You can head to any of the multitudes of golfing resorts in the Island to experience a regular game of golf with all the facilities of the latest amenities.

Even if you’re not a regular golfer, you can still head out to a multitude of venues that offer mini-golf as well — ideal for taking your kids out for a small (literally) game of golf.

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