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The Complete Beginners Guide To NYC Helicopter Tours

Adventure seekers, have you ever witnessed your favorite historical destinations in New York from the Bird’s Eye view? Because if you haven’t, you are missing on a potentially life-changing experience that only a thrilling helicopter ride can provide. So book yourself the flight of your lifetime and brace yourself for a jittery ride across the city of skyscrapers, which houses a large majority of the world’s tallest buildings.

But before you set on your adventure, here’s a thorough guide to help you through your NYC helicopter tours.

Do your research about the packages and tours available!

Before you can go on to book yourself a mesmerizing flight through the skies, a little research into the various options you have is a must. New York offers a large variety of possible sights and attractions that you can view from above however, all of them cannot possibly be covered in a single flight. So go online and check for the various packages which are available and compare the price range they demand in exchange.

Also, search for the time range you will be in the air for each package. Typically, three major options are available to you; a short ride which takes around 12-15 minutes, the medium ride which goes on either for 17-20 minutes or 25-30 minutes and the VIP tour which is more than 2 hours long. Keeping in mind your budget as well as your tour goal, choose the option that sits well with you!

Book your helicopter flight beforehand!

Helicopter tours in New York City are quite popular amongst tourists and locals alike. It is therefore quite likely that you might encounter all flights already booked for the time of your convenience, in case you get late in booking your tour. Preferable, instead, is to book your tour as early as possible, so that you don’t miss out on this valuable chance to fly around NYC.

Tour booking is made easy through the online booking system readily available on our website. You can even contact the related helicopter tour experts and fire away any queries you might have.

What to pack for your thrilling Helicopter Ride?

Here’s a little checklist for the various things you might need to pack for your ride:

  • Photo Id – You might be asked for the verification of your identity on the heliport, so it’s best to be equipped with your photo id.
  • Camera – With an array of magnificent sights and landmarks to view, it shall be a waste to not bring a camera along and capture the moments for years to come. Also, remember to bring and put extra batteries or power banks on standby, in case the existing batteries get depleted.
  • Sunglasses – The sun’s glare multiplies on the higher altitude; glasses will ensure that your views are unhindered by this glare and that your ride remains comfortable. You might also need to tie them back securely behind your head, in order to avoid them from slipping off your face with the air pressure.
  • Binoculars – Will help you revel in the beauty of the surreal sights you shall be viewing from the bird’s eye view.
  • Earplugs/ ear defenders – You might need to bring along earplugs to ward off the not-so-fun noise that the helicopter in motion will be making.
  • Motion sickness medication – Turbulence during your ride is normal and you must not be afraid of it. However, if you have a history of motion sickness, appropriate medicines should be packed along.

Comfort is the key during the NYC helicopter ride!

Dressing up stylishly and posing for the Instagram perfect picture must be at the top of your mind before stepping up into the helicopter. However, you wouldn’t want to lose your beloved scarves, gloves or hats while having the time of your life on the flight. Accessories such as these can blow away with the air pressure above the ground and pose safety concerns as well. It is therefore recommended that you avoid them completely. The same goes for long hair that must be tied back securely.

It is also recommended that you avoid flip flops, or heels for that matter; you have got to make sure that you are comfortable as well as ensure that your shoes will not slip from your feet. Close-toed flats are considered ideal for your tour.

Follow the instructions!

The first thing to ensure is arriving at the heliport before time, on the day of your flight. This is highly essential because firstly you would be feeling all jittery and nervous before your flight and shall need enough time to calm yourself down before you go onboard. Secondly, your pilot will be providing you with a thorough safety briefing in which points such as the safe boarding and exit, location of first aid kits, where to sit and how to deal with any emergency shall be covered.

Additionally, weight restrictions and height recommendations are taken into account when allocating the seats to various individuals. So understand these seating requirements even if you don’t get to sit with your family. It is for your own safety!

Congratulations! You are now all set to board your first helicopter flight across the majestic skies above New York City. Make sure to enjoy every second of the tour, for it will be providing you with memories that you shall cherish for years to come. 

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