The biggest and most popular casinos you should visit in Europe

The biggest and most popular casinos you should visit in Europe

Size of a casino is surely one of the biggest determining factors if you are trying to impress customers and do a good marketing. Casinos in the United States of America and Macau in Asia are definitely most dominant globally, but there are plenty of lucrative destinations available in Europe as well. Here are our top five recommendations if you are a fan of playing some casino games, while enjoying authentic atmosphere and fun land-based casinos are able to offer. If you prefer sitting at home and playing some casino games or sports betting online, check This website is always up to date when it comes to latest promotions and great bonus packages for new players.

Casino di Campione is located in Como, Italy. It is the largest casino in Europe, with the size of almost 600,000 square feet. They are offering more than 500 slots and table games at any time of day or night, while having three bars and restaurants. It is not just about the size – there are plenty of features that make this casino unique. It’s located in the Italian enclave of Campione d’Italia, very close to Switzerland and the famous lake Lugano. It was founded in 1917 with a special ideology to attract foreign diplomats and potentailly gain some important secrets during the World War I. It got completely reconstructed twelve years ago with the help of one of the best European architects Mario Botta. The casino itself has nine huge floors, including the parking lot for their guests. There was some drama surounding the casino in 2006. Allegedly son of the last Italian king, Vittorio Emanuele di Savola was charged of running illegal operations within the casino.

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco is our recommendation number two. This one has served as an endless source of inspiration for Ian Fleming and his James Bond novels in the past. They are much smaller when it comes to square feets in comparison to the casino in Como, but there are plenty of things to explore. They have almost 20 different bars and restaurants located inside. In our personal opinion, it is the most beautfull casino in Europe. The casino itself was used to film more than ten movies, with some of the most popular being Casino Royale, Golden Eye, Never Say Never Again and most recently Ocean’s Twelve. The grand opening happened all the way back in 1863. The property is owned by one of the biggest French public trading companies called Societes des bains de mer de Monaco. What we would like to mark as an interesting fact is that Monaco residents are forbidden from entering the gaming area. Players can enjoy some roulette, poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat and other games action. The selection is just huge.

One of the must-visit places if you are a fan of casinos in the United Kingdom is The Resorts World Birmingham. It is one of the newest additions to the European list of casinos, opened only three years ago but already gaining such positive reputation and reviews. The construction cost for this beautiful facility were around 160$ million, and it took two years to complete it. It is the largest casino in the country located in the NEC area. There are numerous bars, restaurants, a spa, cinema and many different shops located inside. If you don’t like to move much, there is a hotel located inside the casino as well. Of course, like all other top notch European casinos, Resorts World Birmingham is also offering huge variety of games to play 24 hours per day. England is a country of sports, so there are many football fans coming to these bars simply to hang out and watch their favorite team in action. There are VIP private rooms available as well, and many training sessions for people who are new to gambling.

We are concluding our list with Casino Estoril, located in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Yet another place that was a place for meetings of World War I spies. It is surely one of the majestic casinos in the world, opened all the way back in 1916. What’s interesting about this casino is their working hours. Unlike 99% of casinos today, Estoril Casino is open from 3pm to 3am. They own more than two hundred slot machines and a massive poker room. If you want to enjoy good food, head to Mandarim restaurant, Zeno Lounge or Restaurant Praia do Tamariz. 

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