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The Best Places To Visit In Croatia

Roman ruins. Walled cities. Crystal clear ocean. Croatia boasts all these qualities and more. It also makes planning a trip there ridiculously hard. It’s tempting to try to do everything, but trust us – you won’t enjoy yourself.

Instead, we recommend narrowing your itinerary. If it’s your first time, stick to the highlights. Book your tickets now, and we’ll reveal Croatia’s top destinations – sound like a deal? Great – scroll below to check out the best this brilliant Balkan country has to offer.


There’s a decent chance you’ll arrive/leave via Croatia’s capital. Overlooked by coast-bound travellers, Zagreb offers Central European culture without the crowds. Strolling through its compact Old Town, you’ll find soaring cathedrals, stunning architecture, and inviting sidewalk cafes.

If you have time, be sure to check out the Museum of Broken Relationships.  Its all-white galleries frame the remnants of relationships gone wrong. From broken personal effects to heartbreaking letters, its artifacts will make you laugh, cry, and think.


The crown jewel in Croatia’s crown. As you may know, Dubrovnik’s formidable city walls earned it a spot on hit TV series, Game of Thrones. But, the city’s architecture only draw – soaring peaks and the azure waters of the Mediterranean surround it.

Do check out its many museums, churches, and palaces. But, be sure to spend Golden Hour walking Dubrovnik’s City Walls. Also, head up Dubrovnik’s cable car – the views from above are breathtaking.


Further up the coast, Split lacks the in-your-face impact that Dubrovnik has. Despite this, Split is a beautiful holiday spot in its own right. Here, the remains of Diocletian’s Palace – the retirement home of a former Roman emperor – serve as Split’s Old Town.

Inside, countless bars, restaurants, and shops will keep you occupied. When you’ve had your fill, sun yourself on one of Split’s outstanding pebble beaches. With warm waters that last into October, be sure to go for a swim as well.


Hvar Croatia

In the mood to party? Once you’ve been to Split, book your ferry tickets for the Croatian isle of Hvar. This festive island soaks up over 2,700 hours of sunshine per year, making it a popular place for beach seekers and party people. The nightlife in Hvar is legendary, giving you an epic end to the fantastic days you’ll spend here.

Need to slow down? Head into the countryside. Here, you’ll find peaceful villages, vineyards, and deserted beaches. Sign us up!


Want to go off the beaten track, but retain the conveniences of a tourist destination? Make Zadar your holiday base. Like the previous two destinations, Zadar has plenty of churches, Roman ruins, museums, and ancient architecture.

However, unlike Dubrovnik and Split, this city hasn’t been completely overrun by tourists. Zadar’s centre, while historic, functions as a typical CBD would. That said, it’s isn’t devoid of curiosities – check out its Sea Organ on windy days. When waves pile into its holes, they create music unlike anything you’ve probably heard.

Make The Most Of Your Croatian Holiday

There’s a corner of Croatia with your name on it. In this blog, we hope we’ve inspired an itinerary that will help you relax, recharge, and create lifelong memories. 

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