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The Best Beaches in Malta

Learn about the best beaches in Malta, which are perfect for travellers planning to soak in the Mediterranean sun.

Malta is an island offering some of the cleanest water in the EU. Having a variety of beaches, tailored according to the different groups, families, and friends, makes it a popular destination. In addition to the beaches, Malta also has some famous historical sites. The 300 days of sunshine doesn’t hurt its cause either. So, let’s find out about the best beaches in Malta.

Ghadira bay/Mellieha

It is the longest sandy beach in Malta, which has also acquired the blue flag. Having a wide range of sports, kite surfing, kayaking, parasailing, make it an appropriate beach for families to spend some time together and get their adrenaline pumped up. It is also a good place for children who want some camping experience. Being easily accessible, it is regarded as one of the best beaches in Malta, if not the best.

Blue Lagoon

Having a surface area of 3.5 square kilometres, the Blue Lagoon is located on the small island of Camino. It’s clear, bright, and turquoise water acts as a transparent cover between the underwater surface and the land. The shallow water also makes it easy for swimming and snorkelling. Being surrounded by the rocks, the beach gives a view which does not seem tiring at all.

Ghajn Tuffieha

Dating back to Roman times, this archaeological site allows the tourists to get the essence of the past. Families prefer this location as it is quieter compared to the other beaches. To see this golden sandy beach, a visitor needs to ascend taking about two hundred steps. An inclined edge of the beach makes it easy for the children to play safely. While appreciating the ancient ruins, visitors can also spend some relaxing time at the beach along with a sunbathing experience.

Wied II-Ghasri

Regarded as the “Canyon of the sea”, the beauty of this beach is enhanced by the pebbles on the edges. The beach is comprised of gigantic cliffs, providing a spectacular view of the sea from the top and certainly worth visiting. The entrance to the beach is quite enthralling too, although, it might be difficult to access by families who have children. Having a mesmerizing wonderland of wild marine lives, it is also a paradise for the scuba divers, who can experience the delightfully unique floras and faunas.

Ramla Bay

The dazzling red sand covers the beach, giving the image of heaven on earth. Unlike other beaches, it is the visitors who need to adjust to the surroundings of this beach in Gozo Island. Although there are some pubs which organizes beach parties, it is the liberated feeling created by the greens that surpass all other feelings. It is the amalgamation of legendary tales such as the Calypso’s Cave inspiring Homer’s love story, coupled with the scenic beauties that make the Ramla bay one of the best beaches in Malta.

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