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Sunshine Coast Australia for Solos-Nature-Lovers

A Guest Post by Delan Cooper

Sunshine Coast Australia For Solos:  Located in Queensland, Australia, Sunshine Coast is the go-to place for many tourists, especially during summer. It is one of the most populated areas in Australia. It borders the sea with a coastline of approximately 60 km. The place comes endowed with more than ten natural beaches, all connected. It also has enormous rivers such as the Noosa River, Mooloolah River, and Maroochy River. The region also has natural lakes such as Lake Weyba and artificial dams such as Baroon Pocket Dam, used for water storage. There are also national parks and zoos.

There are several bucket list activities that you can tick off when you visit the Sunshine Coast. These include:

1.   Beach activities

Australia Sunshine Coast Solo Destinations-Beach Walk

Sunshine Coast is blessed with long stretches of sandy beaches, which provide unlimited  opportunities for visitors. It is a great place for fitness enthusiasts to run and exercise in the open air, especially early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are low. Also, you can take a solo walk in beautiful nature and experience the ocean’s soft breeze for a relaxed evening. More than just sunbathing, the sandy beaches are ideal for unwinding gazing at the tranquil waters. If you are looking for a more active holiday, join a drop-n volleyball game on the beach.

2.   Mountain and Rock Climbing

Sunshine Coast Solo Travel National Park with Pond

Sunshine in the forest near mountains with lake. Gorgeous landscape.

Another exciting activity in Sunshine Coast involves mountain and rock climbing. Sunshine Coast has beautiful and natural forests with marked trails leading to some of the top peaks, away from the beaches. You can visit Mount Tibrogargan, the highest peak, or Mount Ngungun, which is also safe for public use. The two offer ranges from easy to challenging expertise, which is an excellent way to unwind. You can also experience an authentic Australian tradition when you visit Glass House Mountains National Park where a community there known as the Gubbi perform its rituals and prayers. A reward at the top of the mountain is the fantastic stretch of coastal view. The place also offers rock-climbing activities. Safety gear is provided there as well. It is a great sport that tests the ability to keep moving despite how difficult it is. In any case, it is also a great means of getting exercise while catching a world-class view.

3.   Farm Stay

One of the most exciting experiences on the Sunshine Coast can be found visiting farms. The farms have unparalleled views of the countryside while providing a way to relax and unwind. The farms offer cottage accommodation equipped with all amenities, even a great kitchen where you can prepare your meals. Others provide outdoor camping facilities. What is more, you can feed the animals, such as goats and poultry. The farms also have several different birds that you can enjoy watching and feeding. Beyond the great views, they offer barbecue facilities,  rural views, botanic gardens, and pineapple plantations.


Farmstay fishing is also quite common. You do not need any prior experience fishing as there are instructors to guide you through. However, if you are a fishing expert, you can participate in the fishing competitions at farm stay fishing. Farm stay fishing also has well-managed fish-ponds where you can feed the fish or catch them. The facility also offers excellent catering with freshly caught fish served.

4.   Kayaking

Sunshine Coast has huge rivers that provide the best paddling spots. Maroochy River is one of the common areas as it has the best trails with favorable water rapids. Kayaking is a sport on Sunshine Coast, in which anyone can participate. The river is not too deep, and also there are well-trained guides who tag along to ensure there are no accidents. It is a thrilling sport that gives you the opportunity to choose a location depending on your. They also offer kayaks and canoes for hire.

5.   Animal Zoo

The Australia Zoo affords visitors to the Sunshine Coast to view a wide a range of species. You will get to see a broad range from snakes, lizards, elephants, rhinos, koalas, cheetahs, kangaroos, and even a rare species of Sumatran tigers. You could hand-feed animals such as giraffes and kangaroos with pellets provided by the zoo. The zoo also offers camel rides. Another popular feature is getting to watch the birds of prey catching their dinner or crocodiles at feeding time. The zoo also has an animal hospital where you can contribute to the care needed for the animals’ health and welfare.

6.   National Park

The view south from Tumgun Lookout at Burleigh Head National Park on a warm spring day in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Sunshine Coast also contains a large national park with rainforests, dunes, beautiful beaches, heathlands, and paperback forests. There is a 15km hiking trail with stunning views. While at it, hikers can spot whales and dolphins. It is also an ideal spot to have a picnic at the rock pools.

7.   Water surfing and underwater fish viewing

The clear ocean waters provide a good viewing point for those who wish to swim in the waters and observe the fish. A very special experience if you are a good swimmer is to join the whales and dolphins navigating the waves.

8.   Market experience

The colorful Sunshine Coast market has open days on Wednesday and Saturday. You get to experience Australian culture from the wide range of designer clothes, natural herbs, plants, jewelry, skincare products, among other items. You can also get some souvenirs and shells collected over time. What is more, you get to enjoy fresh food made installs, and some even offer Thai cuisines. The market also entertains performers as well as the chance to take a camel ride.


In sum, Sunshine Coast continues to be a popular tourist attraction because of its wide range of activities in incomparable natural settings at very budget-friendly prices. For solo travelers, it provides an opportunity to join with others for an active vacation, including:


  • kayaking along the large rivers,
  • rock and mountain climbing,
  • fishing in well-maintained ponds,
  • taking advantage of world-class beaches for walking, jogging and even sunbathing,
  • sampling enticing local dishes,
  • checking out bargains on market days,
  • having a farm stay in Sunshine Coast
  • viewing animals and bird watching while relaxing in the countryside.
  • Visiting the Australia Zoo and its unique local species.


With so many options, add Australia’s Sunshine Coast to your bucket list!

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