Spending a Romantic Day at the Shores of Lake Como

Spending a Romantic Day at the Shores of Lake Como

You can describe the shores of Lake Como as where love begins. This means it is the perfect destination for those who want to spend some intimate moments together. If you haven’t visited Lake Como in Italy before, then you should make plans to go there this love season, and you will love the romance this place has to offer. Just to give you a sneak peek, here are some romantic things you can do at the shores of Lake Como.

A day trip on the lake

There is no better way to show your charm than bringing your loved one to the lake waters for some intimate moments. You can take a two-person trip and escape the prying eyes of the public as you roar your boat through the blue waters with only the heavens having a view of your romantic moments.

You don’t have to own a boat to do this. Lake Como boat rental is easy to make your boating experience easier and fun by giving you the best boat perfect for a couple’s day out. You can use this opportunity to visit the magnificent waterfront view or visit the lakeside lakes. Make use of Lake Como’s symbol of romance by getting a ride in the ancient Lucia. You can use this moment as a perfect opportunity to pull out that proposal ring and say the word.

Take a ride in the seaplane

A flight for two is the way to go on your romantic trip to Lake Como shores. Never miss this breathtaking experience that exposes you to the beautiful landscape surrounding Lake Como at an elevated angle of the seaplane ride. Note that this is a ride for only the two of you, which gives you a chance to spend quality time together as you mix both excitement and thrilling moments.

This ride is highly competitive, and you need to book early so that you don’t miss a moment to experience what it feels to be on the top of the earth with the love of your life. The 360-degree panorama is worth the cost. If you miss this, you can choose a more sensational adventure called the paragliding and experience the same thrill.

A romantic love bird dinner

After spending a better part of the day experiencing some breathtaking activities and having fun together, you can wind up your day with some romantic candlelit dinner. An excellent place to do this will be at the terrace, or you can choose a simple Lake view apartment of your choice. There are plenty of places to choose from and many dinner ideas to incorporate. Remember to book early and remind them to reserve a table at a place with the best view. Check out what the menu has to offer and choose the most romantic dish.

Valentines only comes once in a year, and you need to make the best out of it with your loved one. The shores of Lake Como are the best way to feel the romance without uttering a word. If you’re still single, you can still come and find love in this magnificent romantic vacation destination.

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