Souvenirs to Bring Back from Your Italian Getaway

Souvenirs to Bring Back from Your Italian Getaway

Italy is the one country that is very hard to visit without bringing back gifts for yourself, your family, and your friends. The land of Lamborghini, linguine, and Puccini just knows how to make things that much more special! 

A Leather Beauty

A bag made in Italy is sure to excite even the most demanding of your friends or family members. You can shop such a variety of leather bags, and styles you didn’t even think you or your loved one would be wearing! You can try styles like an ultra-modern clutch made in Italy by Mirta, for example, which you can shop online before you go! You would also be surprised how many different ways you can style a clutch! Mirta uses leather from Italy, one of the few places on earth that tries to produce their products in the most sustainable way. 

Vino Baby

When buying Italian wine to take home, it’s a good idea to choose something special that you might not easily find at home (Italian wine is also much cheaper). Popular options include Abruzzo-based producer Emidio Pepe and Brunello from Montalcino. Remember: you can only bring back 1 liter of wine into the United States without paying duties, so make it something good!

Olive Oil

There are still many small, ethical Italian olive oil producers to purchase. Buying from smaller farms gives you an opportunity to learn first-hand how olives are cultivated, and how the oil is actually being produced. Of course, you will also get a chance to buy a bottle or two of top quality virgin olive oil straight from the source.

Borsalino Hats

Did you know that, despite all his shortcomings, Al Capone was a great fan of Borsalino hats? The company has been producing lovely crafted hats since the middle of the 19th century. Every hat boasts perfect stitching and that unmistakable flair that only an Italian hat can deliver. The straw hats can be easily packed for the journey back home, while the jaunty fedora is a perfect gift for your best friend…or yourself.

Silk or lace nightwear

There’s barely a woman in this world who would not faint at the sight of a gift box filled with lace or silk nightwear from Venice. La Perla is undoubtedly popular, but if you want something more exclusive, visit Cristina Linassi, hidden away on a side street near San Marco in Venice. 

Their range of stunning nightwear is made from delicate laces and exquisite silks, seductive enough to melt the heart of even the woman who is furious that you went to Italy without her.

The end, or is it the beginning?

Your trip to Italy and the gifts and stories you bring back home might well rekindle old friendships and ignite new ones. It could also be the start of a lifelong love affair with this country and its addictive zest for life and all the good things that make it worth living! Just ensure when you visit if you go during the pandemic, to follow all of the health regulations. 

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