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Solo Valentines Day-Not Home Alone



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For those solo travelers who are also singles, Valentines Day can have the same grating effect as chalk on a blackboard. In this Part 2, we are providing more antidotes to empower solo travelers on Feb.14.  Our “prescription”? Spend the day in a new sport you never tried or never mastered. Such “death-defying feats” will divert your attention as I found one fall day at my last riding lesson, clinging to the mane of a runaway horse racing back to the barn!

Whether you are looking to scare yourself to death or just take a small step outside your comfort zone, consider:

1.   Going ziplining.

2.   Learning to roll in a kayak.

3.   Making your first attempt at skiing/snowboarding or water skiing.

4.   Trying out scuba lessons. (As a beginner, I started in a swimming pool so this may be possible even far from the beaches.)

5.   Teaching yourself to rollerblade. (I ended up donating my rollerblades to a thrift shop.)

6.   Taking a riding lesson, or even learning to jump!

7.   Going for a hot air balloon ride.

8.   Treating yourself to a ride in a glider. (There’s nothing like seeing the plane towing you detach and leave you to your own devices.)

9.   Joining a rock climbing group for the day.

10. Taking a flying lesson.

For a more sedate approach, there are still lots of options:

1.   Signing up for one session with a trainer.  Checking out drop-in yoga classes.  Finding out if martial arts or karate are for you.

2.  Joining in on a karaoke session.

3.  Learning the Tango, other Latin dances or swing.

4.  Perfecting your swimming or diving at an indoor pool.

5.  Renting a musical instrument and committing to one lesson.  It could be you were born to play the bagpipes, and your neighbors will never forget you!

6.  Going for a bike ride or renting one for the day.

7.   With the help of your DVR, staging your own movie marathon at home and inviting your friends and neighbors.

8.   Going to the local zoo and creating your own YouTube video. With plenty of selfies, everyone will think you were on safari!

On a more serious note, holidays and special occasions provide opportunities to give back wherever you live or are traveling.

9.   Cleaning out your closet and taking donations to a local charity.

10.  Volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping distribute sandwiches in your community to those in need.

When Feb. 14 rolls around, be empowered, and  just remember, as a “Group of One”, you are not “by yourself” but “with yourself“!

Send us your own suggestions at Solo Trekker Contact Page!

In any case, make it a day to remember!

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