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Solo Travel Tips-Avoiding Booking Mistakes

Solo Travel Tips-Avoiding Booking Mistakes: Why pay too much for the same room or flight? See our five updated tips.
1. Don’t check “1 room” without checking “1 Adult”.

Why? When you look for a hotel or B&B, don’t just assume that the price listed is the best price! The default for most booking engines is for 2 adults even if you say you want 1 room.  In North America, the price usually is the so-called room or “rack” rate. However, primarily in Europe, rooms are often offered for solo occupancy. (Search also for “studio” or “single room”.) Using our booking engine of more than 800,000+ lodgings on our home page, we have seen discounts of up to 40+ percent for solo occupancy. Be sure to look at the solo travel reviews to help you find the right fit, and check the size of a room offered for one traveler.  In some cases, a standard double room may be worth the extra charge. Especially in Europe, you may get an automatic discount.

Solo Travel Tips-Avoiding Booking Mistakes: Read the fine print!

 2. Changing a booking for lodging may not have a fee unlike an actual  “cancellation”. However, the new published rate may not be as low as the original price and may still have a penalty fee.
3. Always ask if a “non-refundable” travel booking can be negotiated as to a future credit/new date. With an international airline I was able to do this with a charge for changing. However, I was not still eligible for the best Internet rate but had to work with an agent on the then increased published price.
4. Don’t forget that online booking engines’ lodging rates may not include taxes, resort fees or other charges. Taxes alone can total 20% so do read the fine print.
5. Don’t overlook off-season discounts. For example, I have found 50% off in Paris in January for 4 star hotels. Airlines are also less outside of the top summer time and for the holidays.  Shoulder seasons also offer good deals but not quite as low as true off-season travel. Be aware in some areas like the French Riviera 50% savings can start as soon as Sept. 9.
For more lodging deals, see our search engine on the Solo Travel Pricing Tracker and our Home Page.

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