Solo Travel into the Wild | Montville Australia

Solo Travel into the Wild | Montville Australia

Solo Travel into the Wild | Montville Australia: A guest post by Delan Cooper:  Montville is a small town that is found on the eastern coast of Queensland. It has a population of about 886 people. Despite being sparsely populated, the town has got unique sites and features that you could discover all alone. The town is also popularly known as “Creative Heart of the Sunshine Coast.”

 Henry Smith named the town Montville. His mother suggested the name because it reminded her of her years in the USA at Montville. Initially, the town was just a logging community. With time they became a farming community until around the 70s when tourists started discovering the fantastic features at the Sunshine Coast. Make a Montville travel and enjoy the following scenic views of the town.

Solo Travel into the Wild:

Montville Tree Houses:

Solo Travel into the Wild

Within the confines of this small town are fantastic tree houses and most are restaurants. The Montville tree houses make up the majority of the Montville attractions. They are elegant structures and pieces of architectural engineering where the houses are built on trees.

Most of these hotels will give spectacular views of the surroundings as they are on a raised ground. You can be accommodated at these tree houses at affordable rates and receive quality services.

Visit Lake Baroon: 

Lake Baroon

Courtesy of Richard McMullen

It is a picturesque lake hidden between Maleny and Montville. It is also known as the Baroon Pocket Dam and offers visitors a variety of impressive recreational facilities. You could spend the entire day there, exploring the waterways and the beautiful shores.

There are picnic tables where you could relax and unwind. A lot can also be observed from the shores as you fish on the lake. There are kangaroos and koalas around. Indeed this is an itinerary for the nature lovers as you can hike through the cross bridges and open forest ridges.

Kondalilla National Park:

Courtesy of Connor_Speare_

It is another one of Montville attractions that you can’t and shouldn’t miss. A lot goes on in the park that can be explored. There are numerous rock pools, a magnificent waterfall and bubbling creeks. You can take nature walks in the forest under the canopy of the forest trees and enjoy the bewildering atmosphere. 

A stroll in the park will offer you spectacular views of what Montville is made of, and it’s surrounding. It is a delightful retreat to unwind on your own as you bond with nature in the national park.

Flame Hill Vineyard:

It is an estate covering 300 acres of land. It has a market garden orchard, a vineyard, and beef cattle reared. The vineyard is widely known for sustainable food production and gastronomes.

You could check in on a Sunday and enjoy the best meals in town or the best wines. You could also take a detour to the farm and explore the marinated vegetables and the cured meats. In the vineyard are fowls making strolls in the grilles.

 Café and Coffee Culture:

A solo Montville travel cannot be complete without a cup of coffee at the local cafes and restaurants. The Montville Coffee, which is a local roaster, sets the bar high by being the first certified coffee roaster in Queensland.

So in case, you choose to make a solo journey to Montville then make sure you have a taste of their finger-licking coffee. Try to make that coffee date on the modern tree houses. That way you will enjoy your coffee as you have a clean, fantastic view of the town and its environs.

Final Thoughts:

Solo travel into the wild Montville could be the best decision you would have ever made. Even though the town is still small and might look less active, there is so much to discover here. Make your way to Montville and enjoy the unique, mind-blowing features the town has to offer.


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