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Solo Travel-How to Make Any Shoe a Showstopper

Solo Travel-How to Make Any Shoe a Showstopper: On a gray day, there is nothing like a sassy new pair of heels to put a bounce in your step! The good news? Each pair does not have to cost as much as a previously owned Mercedes.

Solo Travel-How to Make Any Shoe a Showstopper:

Tip One: Don’t always treat your new purchase as the finished product. My rainbow array of shoes below is made up of those that I have given a quick facelift.

Tip Two:  Both ankle boots and knee boots are tough. Have you ever noticed they cost way too much and look alike? The best way to convert an average pair to an awesome pair is with boot cuffs.  These have been fashion sleepers still largely unnoticed.  But if you keep a sharp eye, you will see them in small ads in magazines and even in stock in some grocery stores.

You can try to make your own from a knee sock. The problem though is that they are not likely a good fit. As a result, they may not stay in place.

Faux fur from

An alternative from my Safeway grocery!


Tip Three:  Add your own decoration to a bland pair of gold evening sandals. This is a good way to change your look each season. The example below is one I dressed up for spring. The flower is a lapel pin that I re-purposed.  Besides a new look, a large flower can shift the focus from your feet, themselves, if you don’t think they are you best feature.


Change it up with the seasons

TravelStyle Solo Trekker for a Range of Budgets

Butterfly applique from a fabric store

Solo Travel-How to Make Any Shoe a Showstopper| Solo Trekker:

Tip Four:  Although being “matchy” is out of date, you can still add color to blend with more outfits.  Below you will see a colorful bow. It did not start out that way!  These shoes on sale were a near miss with a tweed mix but a dull violet bow.  The solution? A bright red Christmas ribbon I threaded through the existing bow.

Tip Five:  Don’t have feet shaped like an equilateral triangle? What I found works? I bought these shoes a size longer. That way there is enough room to walk without grimacing! (Do be careful not to fall!)

How do you walk in these?

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