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Solo Travel Destinations New Orleans. Add it to your bucket list!

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Solo Travel Destinations New Orleans:

New Orleans is both historic and cutting edge.

  • My 1st trip was at age 12. I was intrigued by the “spooky” old cemeteries. It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie! 


When I was a college student, I returned.

  • I spent hours watching artists paint in the French Quarter.
  • Then I took free rides on the Mississippi River ferryboat.
  • I saw one of the world’s longest bridges. The 23+ mile Lake Pontchartrain Bridge even has a cloverleaf to turn around!

Solo Travel Destinations New Orleans: Its History:

It is one of the most “foreign” US cities. Its looks little like other US cities.

  • New Orleans dates back to the 16th century with Hernando Cortez.
  • The Spanish and then the French ruled the area.
  • In the 19th century, New Orleans became part of the US.
  • Its founder was a Frenchman from Montreal. He has the impressive name Jean Baptist Le Moyne de Bienville.
  • Cajun settlers from eastern Canada followed.
  • New Orleans became famous during the War of 1812. After it ended, Gen. Andrew Jackson still defeated the British. His statue now stands in the French Quarter across from the fabled St. Louis Cathedral.

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New Orleans is famous for Mardi Gras. However, it has things to do all year.


Solo Travel Destinations New Orleans: Things to See and Do:

 1. French Quarter or “Vieux Carre” (the “Old Square”). 2. Garden District,  3. Antebellum homes 4. Music 5. Bayous.

1. The French Quarter has two-sides.

It is the heart of historic New Orleans.

  • It has great nightlife. You can start with a huge rum drink in a Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Glass.
  • From Jackson Square, it is a short walk to the Café du Monde. This top French cafe is open 24/7. They offer a strong cup of coffee and famous donuts or “beignets”.
  • As you stroll, you may catch a jazz funeral going by.
  • For elegant shopping, try Royal Street. It is has top antique shops.
  • See the Brulatour House and Courtyard at 520 Royal. It is artists’ favorite. It is being made into a museum. Its owner had a colorful life. Pierre Brulatour was one of the founders of Universal Pictures. He may have been Orson Welles’s inspiration for his classic film, Citizen Kane.
  • At Royal Street’s end, pop into the Hotel Monteleone. This famous hotel has been family-owned since the 19th century. To check the rates, go to our booking engine.
  • Tour the old cemeteries. They are above ground since the city was below sea level. Ornate tombs tell a story in French. The nearby St. Louis Cemetery is most famous.  Because of crowds, check online. See if you need reservations or tickets.

2. Next is the Garden District.

It has elegant homes with wide porches and columns. One even had a real looking yellow “corn-cob” fence!

  • It’s easy to get there on the St. Charles streetcar.  Tennessee Williams’s “Streetcar Named Desire” is now the “bus named Desire”.

A famous site in the Garden District is the Commander’s Palace. This restaurant is owned by the Brennans, long-time local restauranteurs. As a child, I especially liked the huge toucan they had in the center. It was in a tall white Victorian birdcage. You could always hear it “greet” you before you saw it. Commander’s Palace has continued as a favorite. Other fabled New Orleans’s restaurants are Antoine’s, Arnaud’s and Galatoire’s. Seafood and Cajun dishes are top favorites. My own recommendation is Crayfish (say “Crawfish”) Etoufee.

3. Visit Plantations and Antebellum Homes.

Next you must see the elegant antebellum homes outside the city.

  • You have many to choose from.
  • The Ormond plantation is best known.
  • However, there at least 10 others!
  • These homes were built when New Orleans was very rich. The reason? The cotton trade and Mississippi River commerce brought wealth to the region.


4. Enjoy New Orleans Music:

“New Orleans is the only place I know of where you ask a little kid what he wants to be and instead of saying, I want to be a policeman, or I want to be a fireman, he says, I want to be a musician.” – Alan Jaffe, Jazz Musician and Founder of Preservation Hall”.  Other New Orleans Quotes

  • Go to Preservation Hall.
  • Attend spring  Jazz Fest.

5. Brave the Bayou:

Ready for adventure?

  • New Orleans has famous bayous. Take a boat ride through these swamps.
  • Once pirates stalked here.
  • Now alligators prowl by.
  • Colorful birds are there too.

Solo Travel Destinations New Orleans:

When to Go There:

  • The best times are spring and fall to avoid summer’s humidity. (The winters can be cold and damp.)
  • In winter, Mardi Gras is most popular.
  • In spring, try Jazz Fest and the Annual Spring Fiesta and Historic Home Tour.
  • Look at off-season specials for best prices for solo travelers.
  • Plan now for next spring.

Visit the New Orleans Tourist website for local updates.

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