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Solo Travel Destinations Cambodia

Solo Travel Destinations Cambodia: Adventure and cultural travel combined.


Solo Travel Destinations Cambodia:

Planning ahead:

Every year by late summer to early fall, I start to think about alternatives to “home alone for the holidays” and look to find the best vacations for singles for year end. It generally strikes me that the best destinations are often the oddest ones. Having had an “Amazon Christmas” last year, I knew I had to top it for 2014-15.

Solo Travel Destinations Cambodia:

Mekong Delta:

Always looking for the best vacations for singles, I was intrigued by sailing the Mekong Delta.  I had to consider the best way to go. First there was the distance .I would travel from the US East Coast to SE Asia. Secondly, there was my lack of local language ability. Lastly, I had limited time off from work, I chose a river cruise. That way I could cover a lot of ground from Cambodia to Vietnam while adding an independent stay in Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon and Bangkok. The river cruise included guides and daily itineraries making my pre-trip planning minimal.

Solo Travel Destinations Cambodia:

Benefits to a river cruise:

I was elated to find my cruise boat came chock full of amenities. It made life back home in Washington, DC seem almost austere by comparison!  The hardest part? Coming home and cooking my own meals, cleaning up and doing the laundry.

Solo Travel Destinations Cambodia:

Preparing for the trip:

As the holiday season moves into full gear. I am trying to pack for the tropics. I am trying to spray my clothes for mosquitoes. Everyone around me is shopping for the holidays. If the snow flurries subside, I will be able to go outside and spray my clothes. Hopefully that will send mosquitoes away from me and off to bite my fellow tourists.

Solo travel packages off the beaten path for the holidays are a great way to confound passport officials. On return, when asked your reason for leaving the country, you can respond “Well, of course, for a Cambodian Christmas”. That will leave them shaking their heads!

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