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Solo Travel Destination-Telc a Czech Treasure


Solo Travel Destination-Telc a Czech Treasure:  Prague is the most visited of the Czech cities and sites. However, the country is filled with many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Telc , as of 1992, was added to the list. Located in Moravia, it is at a midpoint between Prague and Vienna. I am looking forward to spending part of the Christmas holidays traveling there from Prague.

Practical Points:

From Prague: Take a rental car, bus or train.

Meals: There are approximately 20 options: Primarily restaurants, cafes, fast food and a bakery.

Sightseeing: Telc is small enough for a self-guided tour. Do an Internet search first to identify a day trip.


Prices are good:

A sampling:

$33 for a local tour (This compares favorably with what I have found traveling abroad where $75 is a likely day tour.) When you book a tour, check to see if you must pay entry fees at major sights.

(Note 1 Czech koruna is currently $.043.)


Solo Travel Destination-Telc a Czech Treasure: What to See and Do:

Take a look at these options for local tours: Zamek, Telcsky and Trip Advisor.

Overview: Telc dates back to the 11th century at the time that Prince Otto II of Moravia prevailed over Bretislav, King of Bohemia. (The latter is now the region of the Czech Republic on the northern border of the Czech Republic.) However, after an earlier fire, its great growth was in the late 1500’s and then again with the rail traffic in the 1800’s.

Old Town

City centre with colorful town houses

Telc Castle

Church of St. Jakub

Tower of the Holy Spirit

Marian Plague Column

Old Town Fishpond

St. Anna cemetery

Historic Synagogue

Monastery/Church of St. Peter and Paul

The Chapel of St. Karel Boromejský

For trains and buses from Prague, see this schedule. From the Chateau Heralec, check out info here.  See also routes from Vienna via train.
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