Solo Travel-8 Top Reasons to Travel More Often

Solo Travel-8 Top Reasons to Travel More Often

Solo Travel-8 Top Reasons to Travel More Often: There are so many benefits to traveling: feeling like an adventurer, exploring new places, and meeting new people – there are too many to list. Having said that… we’re going to try! Below are just a few of the best reasons you should travel more often.

A Guest Post by Mildred Delgado

Health Benefits

Travelling can be incredibly beneficial to your health – it can lower stress, fight anxiety and depression. The physical movement is another obvious advantage while spending more time in nature has been proven to be great for both your physical and mental health.

Create Memories

When you travel with friends or family, you get to spend quality time with your loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime through shared experiences and adventures. Even if you travel alone, telling stories to your friends, your family, and passing down tales of your adventures allow you to share your experiences with the people you love and involve them in the experience even if they weren’t there.

Take a Break and Find Yourself

Taking time away from work, family, and other day-to-day stressors to unwind and re-discover yourself. New adventures push you outside of your comfort zone and provide new surroundings to stimulate your brain, for new insights, inspiration, and epiphanies! You’ll come back with a new appreciation for those everyday things, and a new perspective on how to handle them. Stepping away from work can even revitalize your passion for it or generate new ideas you never would have found in your office.

You Learn Practical Skills and Important Life Lessons

You may even learn something from your travels if you do it right! Laura Mendez, a lifestyle blogger at 1day2write and NextCoursework, states that “picking up just a little of a handful of new languages is very beneficial for brain function, such as increasing memory capacity.” You may also just learn from practical challenges, you’ll be faced with situations in which you will have to use ingenuity and resourcefulness to get through, or simply partake in new activities you’ve never tried before.

Enrich Your Cultural Understanding

Becoming a culturally competent traveler is a hugely fulfilling experience – by improving your understanding of other cultures, your life will be enriched with hands-on experiences. This will help you develop empathy and a wider scope of understanding of the world, the human experience, society, etc. As Simon Murray, a travel writer at Writemyx and Britstudent, says, “You will find your opinions, biases, stigmas, and stereotypes challenged at every turn by walking in someone else’s shoes, see through someone else’s eyes, and you’ll develop a cultural intelligence you can’t learn from a textbook or the television.”

Try New Things

Try new things, amazing food, exciting activities, etc. Sampling authentic local foods, exploring culturally significant places and things, trying activities locals do, and in all ways attempting to immerse yourself in the surrounding society will let you see the world through entirely fresh eyes. It will put your own life, struggles, experiences into perspective.

Meet New People

During your travels, you will meet all kinds of new people and expand your real-life social network. Making new friends across the world will help you cultivate a great world-view and also presents new opportunities for future travel and for experiencing an array of cultures.

You Will Fall Back in Love with Your Home

Taking some time away from home can feel great and freeing, to explore new places, but the comfort of coming home to a familiar place, family, and friends feels just as good!

These are just some of the countless reasons to travel more! You can gain so much from even short trips and come back with a fresh outlook on life. Whether you travel alone or with friends and family, there are so many physical, psychological, and emotional benefits to traveling more. It’s literally good for you to travel, so what are you waiting for?


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