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Solo Halloween Thailand-4 Best Places to Party

Solo Halloween Thailand-4 Best Places to Party. Guest Post by Katherine Perkins Katherine is the digital marketing officer based in Thailand and the founder of Social Butterfly Travel Blog. A woman who loves travelling, eating and drinking especially coffee so sometimes she is a cafe hopper.

Thailand is a hidden treasure. The treasure hunters have recently discovered that this country has got so many itineraries and unique features to offer tourists and visitors. It has got white sandy beaches that are ideal for parties and other events.

The solo travellers can also tour Thailand as it offers striking features that are amazing to discover and observe. This article covers the most viable places in the country where one could peacefully enjoy a solo Halloween party. The places are very secure, and you will learn a lot apart from just observations.

Solo Halloween Thailand-4 Best Places to Party:

1. Pai

Pai is a party scene that is located in the mountains found to the northern side of Thailand. It is not that extensive, but the traveller’s community lit up the place. They make it among the most admirable places in Thailand for Halloween party activities. There are many trendy and unique bars in Pai that house all the different tastes of liquors and wines.

Another advantage of this fantastic place is that most of the people you’ll meet here are very friendly. If you display a positive vibe, then they become very amiable and welcoming.

2. Krabi Ao Nang Beach

You can decide to visit the Holiday inn express Krabi Ao Nang Beach. It is a high-end restaurant found on the famous Krabi beach. The beach provides a perfect ground for Halloween party themes. It is located in Ao Nang district which is among the party capitals in Southern Thailand.

The party comes to life every night by congregating at a centre point; it is a small space on the beach with many bars and nightclubs. It gets crazy during the high season and of course during the Halloween period.

Holiday inn express Krabi Ao Nang beach is a breathtaking ideal place for the solo traveller looking to celebrate the Halloween on their own. The beach is home to wild nightlife and party people with impressive landscapes not seen by many travellers.

3. Bangkok

This phenomenal city provides you with the best Halloween party themes, among other unique features that make it an excellent destination for partying. Most people underrate the nightlife in Bangkok, but the truth is it has the supreme nightlife experience in South East Asia.

The secret to having the best Halloween party activities in Bangkok alone is letting the locals show you around. Most visitors find themselves in about two clubs only in Bangkok. There is much to these two that the sensational town can offer only if you allow yourself to be guided. Nightlife in Bangkok should be an engaging experience as you enjoy the Halloween period and not a boring one.

4. Koh Phangan

It is also known as the home to the popular Full Moon Party. Many tourists only come here during the full moon party but those that arrive earlier and leave late see where the juice is hidden. They are aware that the place has more to offer than just hosting the full moon party.

Koh Phangan has got many scenic points where you can visit and enjoy the magnificent landscapes. Countless beaches are found here where you can bask all day long as you contemplate on your solo Halloween party. Bars and clubs are all over the place to make sure you are as intoxicated as you wish.


Thailand is a dazzling country with so many scenic and breathtaking features to observe. It is also a party nation, and you can head on there if you are planning on spending the next Halloween party on your own.

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