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Skiing-How to #Pack #SoloTravel Tips

Skiing-How to #Pack #SoloTravel Tips: With the airlines’ added charges to check a bag and/or skis, it is hard to know how to save. Here are our updated tips, especially for solo travelers who are hit with surcharges like single supplements.

Skiing-How to #Pack:

Tip One:

Leave your skis at home. This is hard I know. I have a top pair of Dynastars that make me fell I am at my top form. However, how can you carry on ski boots, a helmet and bag for street clothes? So if you just take your skis, they may be free if the airline has ski package specials. In any case, if you have to rent the rest of your gear at your destination, most suppliers won’t discount the rate since you don’t need skis!

Another real hassle: What if your airline loses your skis, temporarily or permanently? I had a comical experience when I booked lessons in Norway at Hafjel. On a cold Feb. night I arrived in the snow, but my bag didn’t.  When I left for my first class the next day, I wore a man’s jacket from the hotel’s “lost and found”, one dress pants from work and rental boots. Luckily, the next day, my bag and gear showed up!

Tip Two:

Plan to dress for a range of temperatures. In Norway even years ago, I was shocked at the 50 degree sunshine. The US West can range from spring conditions in Lake Tahoe to real chill in Utah when the sun is low.  The only solution is to bring layers that cover a range of options. Two-piece ski outfits work best. Gloves with liners are also a good bet.

Tip Three:

If you are heading to Sun Valley, Aspen or chic European resorts, think about apres-ski changes. Even if you are at a more informal spot, you need to have dry clothes that work indoors.

Tip Four:

Shoes-size, wet and city

Tip Five:

I always save one day for a spa day or taking a day trip to a national park like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. On the latter day trip, I came prepared.  I met a European tourist who thought it would be hot, dry desert. When it started to snow, she headed to the gift shop to buy a hat and sweatshirt.  The lesson learned: Check the Internet for temperature ranges, and be prepared.

Skiing-How to #Pack: For year-round ways to ski, see our packages at Timberline in the Pacific Northwest or south of the Equator from Latin America to New Zealand. For more information on how to ski without driving going “planes to trains”, see options in Colorado.

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