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Single Traveler Tips-Get 50% Off Easily

Single Traveler Tips-Get 50% Off: During the height of the summer season or the Christmas/New Year’s festivities, airfare, hotels and even safari game parks are at their height.  It may seem like the only option is to cut your trip short or take a lesser standard in accommodations or tours.

Single Traveler Tips-Get 50% Off : Tip 1:

There is a better way: Go off-season and in many to most cases get a 50% savings!  Off-season starts a lot earlier than is often known. In the French Riviera, I have received a 50% mark down on a 5-star hotel as early as Sept. 9.

With airfare going up each year by Dec 22, many ski resorts, even top spots like the Sun Valley Lodge, have pre-season reductions.

Single Traveler Tips-Get 50% Off : Tip 2:

Another way to have an off-season rate at the height of the typical tourist season? Go where most travelers won’t because of negative perceptions of the weather. A good example? I found great pricing in July 2015 at the elegant Dominican Resort the Casa de Campos. Others might have stayed away thinking the weather would be unbearably hot. I found it no warmer than my home in Washington, DC and had the benefit indoors of great air conditioning, outside beaches and refreshing swimming pools and nights cool enough to eat al fresco.

Similarly, I had a fantastic Amazon adventure upriver in the “rainy” season.  I arrived expecting continuous downpours.  There was occasional rain which ended quickly. Predictably, I could “cause” it to rain by venturing out in an open boat without a slicker!

Even 4-star Paris hotels are 50% off in January.  That may seem like a bad time to travel to Europe. However, I have done it and found most activities were indoors leaving top museums, historical sights and restaurants much less crowded.

Get 50% Off The bottom line is that the savings far outweigh the inconvenience of traveling off-season. it is a better way to travel than cutting short your trip or accepting lesser quality at the height of the season.  Compare the rates and see what I mean!

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