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Single Traveler Tips for Saving-Swap Destinations

Here are our Single Traveler Tips for Saving-Swap Destinations. Consider the following: Shopping in grocery stores and drug stores, there is always a wide array of choices from top global vendors to house brands. If you only go for iconic brands, this savings tip may not be for you. Are you determined to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris? The authentic Sphinx of Giza (not the replicas in Las Vegas)? This may be your signal to fast forward. However, if you are interested in solo travel but are concerned about your budget, do read on. Please give us your feedback.

Early on I found myself switching destinations to reduce costs. I preferred this to cancelling trips. In each case, besides saving money, I discovered new locations. They were typically off the beaten path. That provided incredible adventures I would not have had otherwise.

Single Traveler Tips for Saving-Swap Destinations:

Saving on Ski Trips:

Here are some of the swaps I made successfully:

Do you want to ski in Europe? Try replacing higher priced Switzerland with Andorra.

I found there:

-a really quaint community with multiple villages and fewer busloads of tourists.

-world-class skiing for “Intermittent Intermediates” like myself as well as double-diamond experts.

-an intriguing mix of 4 languages and two cultures, tucked in the Pyrenees between France and Spain.

-a great excuse to combine a cultural sojourn in Barcelona before actively hitting the pistes.

Single Traveler Tips for Saving-Swap Destinations:

Saving on Island Vacations:

In the past, I was determined to vacation in Tahiti. Unfortunately,  the daily hotel rate were beyond my budget. The solution? A first time call to Air New Zealand. The result? I found myself en route to Rarotonga, Aitutaki and finally an uninhabited atoll. This adventure began 1,000 miles west of Tahiti and 1,000 miles south of American Samoa! More recently, New Zealand tourists have begun to travel to the Cook Islands. It still is a more cost-effective holiday than many of its competitors as it has:

-South Pacific enchantment from tall palms and endless, less crowded, beaches.

-Really fresh seafood and local cuisine.

-Watersports to choose from (and when I was there horseback riding on the beach).

-The option of an add-on to “nearby” New Zealand.

-Authentic villages and communities not just fashionable resorts.

-Last, but not least: Your friends probably have never heard of Rarotonga and Aitutaki so you can dine out on these stories for years!

Single Traveler Tips for Saving-Swap Destinations:

Saving on European Vacations:

Europe remains almost everyone’s favorite destination, but at generally a high cost, at least in the summer, if you can’t take advantage of off-season top solo travel deals. Consider substituting Central and Eastern Europe if castles, cuisine and culture are your goal rather than a visit to the Louvre or watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Consider some of the following:

-Portugal: Beyond beautiful coastline, it has 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites, lots of local wine, historic buildings and charming old towns to explore.

-Spain: From Madrid alone, there are multiple day trips. I recommend the Valley of the Fallen, El Escorial and Toledo. If time permits, add Avila, Seville and more. There are so many sights in Spain alone, you could easily fill 2 weeks’ vacation.

-Czech Republic: It is on record (per Guinness) as having the most castles.

-Hungary: With famous spas and thermal baths, its crown jewel on the Danube is Budapest. It has one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world.

-Romania: If you love Old European castles, Romania has at least 10 major ones for you to visit. If you would like to hike the Carpathian Mountains or are a fan of vampire fiction, you may want to also explore Transylvania.

For your next trip, use our Single Traveler Tips for Saving-Swap Destinations. Swap out your first choice for a more affordable adventure in the same region. Think how smart you’ll feel returning with money still jingling in your pockets!

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