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Signs Your Bike Needs Repairs While Traveling The World

Riding your bike over long distances can be an exciting experience. Traveling across long-distance terrains in various locations helps promote sensations of delight and calm. But, all the bike-riding you will surely put significant strain on the two-wheeled vehicle. Here are four signs you shouldn’t miss when you need to repair your bike.

It’s a Bumpy Ride on Flat Surfaces

Without a doubt, the overused parts of your bicycle while traveling the world are the wheels. These components are always on the ground, and they carry your full weight most of the time. Furthermore, the wheels may encounter enormous strain when you’re swerving around rocky terrains. Potholes and debris may also put unwanted damage to your bike’s wheels. 

Hence, the last thing you’d want is for your wheels to give out while you’re riding in the outskirts of a foreign country. You’ll notice when the wheels are about to give in when it seems like a bumpy ride even when you’re riding on flat terrain. 

Don’t waste time doing routine maintenance on your bicycle when you start feeling those bumps. Remember, prevention can begin at home; find the best stands to repair a bike when you’re still at home. Check the wheels for any punctures, scratches, or tears. But, consider using high-quality stands to ensure the vehicle stays in place.

You can apply Do-it-Yourself (DIY) repair techniques on the wheels for temporary fixes. But, it might be advisable to replace the damaged wheels before your trip, unless you want to walk for miles while pulling your bike with a broken wheel. 

The Chain is Loose

A bike chain slipping off the frame can turn a pleasant downhill ride to a life-threatening situation. Thankfully, you can return the chain without using any tools. 

But, if the chain keeps falling off, then it’s time to check your vehicle for any additional damages. This problem can come from various causes like:

  • Dents on the chain which reduces its grip
  • Damages on the chain because of rust
  • Improper chain installation

Albeit you can reinstall a loose chain with no tools, consider using a chain tool to avoid additional complications with this part. If you don’t know how to handle this repair, opt to send your bicycle to repair shops.

The Bolts Make it Difficult to Turn

Moving your bike seat might become a challenging endeavor because the bolt doesn’t budge. The Allen key doesn’t bring help, as well. 

Perhaps you didn’t clean your bike regularly, so the bolt accumulated rust. Otherwise, you forgot to put the bicycle inside for the night, and it rained. These components might be difficult to budge when they corrode or rust. 

You can prevent this travesty from happening with routine maintenance. Otherwise, you can apply a good degreaser on the offending area. But, if DIY methods don’t help, you should have the bike checked by a mechanic. 

Professional bicycle repair services may drill the bolts out before you can replace these parts. But don’t wait too long before repairing the bolts. Failure to fix these modules quickly may result in an expensive repair bill. 

It’s Difficult to Brake

Imagine solo-traveling in Cambodia or Vietnam, and you come across a downhill path. You prepare yourself for the venture by applying your hands on the bicycle brakes. But, the brakes don’t respond quickly to your hand movements. 

Damaged or broken brakes might be one of the reasons for many bike-related accidents regardless of the location. Like the wheels, brake pads become worn over time. Regular use of these components will stretch the cables. Also, grit and grime can build up between the parts connecting the brakes to the rim of the wheels. 

Make sure to check the integrity of your brakes before you bring your bicycle with you in other cities. Repair these parts at the slightest sign of damage. You don’t want to be in a bike-riding accident in the middle of nowhere because your brakes decide to break down.  

While you’re still planning your itineraries to the top travel destinations of the world, make sure to maintain your bike.  Hopefully, the signs mentioned above will help you spot any parts in your bike in need of fixing. Still, check for any signs of damage on the two-wheeled vehicle before heading out for your outdoor adventure. Consider riding the bicycle around your neighborhood first. But, if you experience any difficulties, repair or replace any offending parts immediately.  If you don’t know how to fix damaged or broken parts, send the bike to an expert mechanic. 

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