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Should You Learn Latin? 3 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes

Latin is already considered a dead language. Although there was a time when it was spoken in Italy, France, and Spain, the language eventually died. Nevertheless, it evolved into different languages, like Spanish, French, and Italian.

Since there’s no one left who naturally speaks the language, you might be wondering what benefits you will get if you study Latin or learn with online classes

Unknown to many, here are three advantages in learning this extinct language: 

1. Helps You Learn Other Languages While Having A Deeper Understanding Of The English Language

Since Latin has a complex grammar and sentence construction, this could help you practice if you want to learn languages with similar patterns or basic structures, like German, Greek, or Russian. Aside from that, Romance languages, like French, Portuguese, and Spanish descended from Latin, making it easier to learn these languages.

Latin is considered as a mother language. Aside from its resemblance to many languages used in Europe, it’s also utilized to have a deeper understanding of the English language. Roughly 40 percent of the English vocabulary has Latin origins. Thus, if you’re not a native English speaker, learning Latin can help you master the language much faster. 

For many non-native English speakers, learning Latin poses a lot of advantages as it helps students build their vocabulary. Learning the language can also help them outperform other students in the language and vocabulary sections on standardized exams. 

Furthermore, even native English speakers experience the same benefit when they learn Latin. Many studies show that those students who studied Latin performed better compared to those who did not in relation to their SAT scores. 

2. Improves Your Understanding Of The Arts And Sciences 

In a world that’s dominated by research, science, and technology, learning Latin is seen as a significant advantage. All modern science began during the Renaissance period, about 500 years ago. During this time, the majority of educated people were well versed in the Latin and Greek languages. Because of this, many discoveries and terminologies that experts use in the different branches of science originate from these two languages.

Learning a new language, like Latin, can help build your career if you’re working in the field of the sciences. Learning the vocabulary used in many physical and social sciences, like economics, psychology, biology, and chemistry is already half the battle. The power of language shouldn’t be underestimated when you want to have an edge and get ahead in your chosen career.

If you’re interested in the arts, learning Latin also helps enrich your understanding. There’s a lot of choral music that’s written in Latin as it has been used by the Catholic Church for many centuries. 

Latin is also helpful to have a deeper understanding of classical literature. By learning Latin, you’ll appreciate works written by Cicero, Caesar, and Catullus. Hence, learning Latin is beneficial for art students and those who want to build a career around the field.

Latin inscription in Rome, Italy

3. Boosts Cognitive Skills And Future Career 

Learning any complicated language, like Latin, requires hard work and necessitates a fair number of hours for you to understand it completely. As you learn how to use Latin declensions, memorize its grammar and sentence construction, and read Latin texts, your brain’s flexibility will improve. As your brain exercises, your memory, logic, and adaptability skills will also improve.

Learning a foreign language like Latin will also make you more systematic and rigorous, which are essential skills in the real world. Translating Latin texts to English and vice versa requires a lot of patience and strategy. These skills are helpful if you want to flourish in your chosen career. 

Boasting about being fluent in another language impresses employers. Your ability to speak another language, let alone an extinct and complicated language like Latin, conveys that you have the skills and patience to learn difficult tasks. Many employers will see you as someone who’s motivated and also driven to learn new skills. Learning Latin will surely give you a competitive edge over others. 


Learning a complicated foreign language like Latin has a lot of advantages. Aside from giving you a deeper understanding of the sciences and the arts, it gives you critical skills that you need to succeed in life. 

Since many words originated from Latin, it’ll help you learn complicated languages and even give you a deeper understanding of the English language. Aside from that, it helps exercise your cognitive skills that help succeed in school and your career. 

Overall, despite being an extinct language, learning Latin is still beneficial for students and working individuals.  

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