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Sex Toy Packing Guide for Your Travels

Vacations and travels are all about pleasure. You hop aboard a plane or a train and set off into new destinations brimming with untold delights and opportunities. And what’s a better way of maximizing your pleasure than carrying your little pleasure product? Especially if you’re a solo traveler!

While most of us have entertained ideas of carrying pleasure products into our fantasy get- aways, we may be held back by outmoded notions of shame. Even though we’re well into 2020, people often carry faint and lingering notions of shame around sex toys, remnants of puritanical yesteryears.

Because of that, you may have some concerns about how to carry your pleasure toys. In this packing guide, I discuss which products to carry and how to pack them for maximum discretion.

How do you find the best type of pleasure product for your travels?

When you consider traveling with a pleasure toy, your first question may be — what kind? These days, you can find a lot of different options online and in local markets. But the problem with most sex toys is that they’re too obvious, too large, or both!

The traditional dildos look like… well, you know what they look like. Traditional vibrators are also pretty phallic, no matter how much different brands try to change that. And then you have clitoral massagers with the bunny ears — they’re good options, but they’re not very discreet either.

Clitoral suction vibrators are perhaps the most discreet and effective pleasure companions for your travels. Most clitoral suction devices are elongated tools with nozzles at the end — they’re still a pretty new technology, so most people can’t immediately recognize them as sex toys. Take Biird’s Obii, it looks like a little silky pastel-colored bird with a nozzle where the beak should go. It even comes with a glass cage for storage! It won’t scandalize a single soul even if you whip it out in a crowded airport!

Besides being discreet, clitoral suction toys are also incredibly effective. They generate air pres- sure to send sonic pulses through your entire clitoral structure, inducing full-bodied and other- worldly orgasms. Furthermore, some of the more advanced toys come with dual features for suction and vibrations, so you can use them for direct and indirect stimulation.

Clitoral suction vibrators are also a lot smaller than most traditional pleasure products, so you can easily slip them into your carry-on bag or suitcase without fear of breaking the scale.

Should I carry any other toys and accessories with my pleasure companion?

If you don’t have a lot of space, you can simply go on with your pleasure companion. You don’t really need much else. But if you have some extra space, you may want to consider batteries, lubricants, or toy cleaners.

Lubricants need no introduction — they’re clear gel-like fluids that minimize friction, disperse the vibrations, and maximize pleasure. As long as you get a clitoral suction device made of silky-soft body-safe silicone (a must), you don’t have to worry about friction anyway. So, lubricants aren’t really a “must,” but you can take them along if you’re someone who doesn’t cut corners when it comes to getting off.

However, you should note that lubricants are considered a liquid, so you’ll have to abide by TSA rules on flying with liquids. According to TSA rules, each individual can carry a maximum of 3.4 ounces of liquid on their person, so you’ll need to get a travel-sized lubricant.

Different pleasure devices run on different power sources, whether USB power, batteries, or any other. If your device runs on batteries, make sure you carry one set of fully-charged batteries.

Alternatively, you’ll have to carry the toy’s chargers and adapters. If you’re only traveling for a few days, you can even get away without the chargers… unless, of course, you intend on going nuts with your pleasure companions.

Finally, you may want to carry a toy cleaner, a little spritzing solution that sanitizes the toy after each use. You don’t have to get a toy cleaner because you can simply clean the clitoral toy in a basin with warm water and fragrance-free soap. But if you’re especially particular about your toys’ sanitation, you can carry a toy cleaner, but follow TSA rules regarding liquids.

How and where should I pack my pleasure parapher- nalia?

If you’re only carrying your pleasure product, you can store it in a silk or satin bag, which is the ideal storage material. Silk and satin are soft and breathable materials that don’t scratch or harm the toy’s surface. Alternatively, you can pack all your paraphernalia within a clear plastic bag, so they can be easily examined if the bag needs inspection.

Can I go anywhere in the world with my pleasure companions?

If you’re traveling internationally, you must always consider the host country’s laws regarding pornography or adult toys before going to the airport. Several countries across the globe con- sider adult toys obscene and ban them altogether.

The following is a brief list of countries in which sex toys are banned — Maldives, Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and Alabama (United States).

It’s worth mentioning that most countries are pretty lax in the enforcement of these laws against adult toys. However, you should err on the side of caution and either leave your adult toy at home or get one that truly resembles some ordinary object or ornament.

If you must carry your pleasure companion, carry a discrete or cute one. The bird-shaped clitoral sex toy I mentioned earlier should ideally pass as a simple ornament. You can also find some pleasure products that look like everyday objects, like a necklace, lipstick, or other similar items.

With all these tips and guidelines in mind, you can get your globe-trotting shoes on and explore the depths of your desires wherever you are in the world!

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