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Scuba Diving in 2020? These Are Some Of The Best Diving Destinations

Have you made your scuba diving bucket list for 2020? If you haven’t then start making one and don’t forget to include these amazing world class underwater locations for your next adventurous holiday.

It’s easy to get yourself organized with helpful guides from sites like Ocean Scuba Dive which cover everything from the best scuba diving gear to beginner how-to’s. 

Start off the new year on the right foot, or fin, and be prepared for all the underwater wonders of these must-see scuba diving sites around the world.

Best Kept Secret: Oman

Oman is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to travel destinations and it is surprising that scuba divers are not flocking to its warm waters for exploring the amazing biodiversity. 

So, stay ahead of the crowd and go there now while the waters are still tranquil.

This is the place to go spotting large marine species like sea turtles, dolphins, sharks, Mobula rays and even whales.

The smaller sea creatures are also plentiful including Honeycomb Moray eels and nudibranches crawling around the sunken wreck near Al Munnassir. 

There are many top diving destinations surrounding this small Arabian nation so there are scuba diving options available year round including sharks in the Caves and humpback whales around the Hallaniyat Islands. 

A 3mm – 5mm wetsuit is sufficient for these crystal clear waters ranging from 75°F – 86°F.

In Search of Untouched Dive Sites: Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island is one the most remote places on Earth which makes this a diver’s dream. The fewer the visitors, the more pristine the marine ecosystem is.

There are many famous dive spots in the Pacific but Easter Island offers you a glimpse of endemic marine species for an once in a lifetime experience. 

Couple this with unique rocky seabeds, underwater caves and of course the famous sunken moai statues.

A thicker wetsuit is required since ocean temperatures range around 68°F – 72°F year round with an incredible visibility of up to 200 feet. 

The most popular dive spots are Hanga Roa Bay with plentiful sea turtles, Moto Nui and the Moai dive site with most day trips departing from Hanga Piko cove.

For the Most Adventurous: South Africa

Clifton Beach Cape Town

South Africa has long been famous for its wildlife, both on land and underwater. 

This is a top diving destination for the thrill seekers since there are several sites famous for a wide variety sharks including ragged-tooth, hammerhead, tiger sharks and even the infamous Great White shark.

Another unique experience is the Sardine Run which occurs annually in June or July off the coast of Cape Town. Shallow dives are possible whereby you can enjoy the spectacle of large marine species coming in to feast on the massive school of migrating sardines.

South Africa stretches all along the southern-most tip of Africa so there is a lot of variation in dive conditions from cool to warm waters and beginner dive sites to strong currents only safe for advanced divers. 

It is a vast country so do your research on diving in South Africa beforehand.

Most Breathtaking Underwater Landscapes: Turkey

Turkey sits on the cusp of both Europe and Asia which gives you access to diving in both the Mediterranean Sea and Aegean Sea. 

For a truly unforgettable experience, choose the latter and seek out dive centers in Bodrum, Gokova or Marmaris for deep dives in rocky topography.

Popular dive sites in Turkey include Bubble Cave which is shaped like a chimney and accessible from about 39 feet underwater, the C47 Dakota plane wreck and Orak Island famours for its unusual underwater rock formations.

The waters of the Aegean Sea are relatively warm with May to November being the best season for scuba diving. 

Looking into dive liveaboards is definitely worth it since this gives you the best opportunity to visit different dive sites along the coast and further out at sea.

The Other Side: Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Mexico has long been a premier scuba diving destination because of its amazing biodiversity including large marine species and colorful coral reefs and reef fish that are all easily accessible from dive resorts. 

So, what is left to be discovered on your next scuba diving trip this country?

Head to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico where the waters are prime for more advanced scuba divers. Real adventurers can go cage diving with Great White sharks on Isla Guadalupe and the southern tip of La Reina near La Paz is famous for sea lions.

Water temperatures are warm, especially on the southern tip. The best dive season depends on how far north or south you go so check before booking your trip.

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