I know. You want to bring your beloved one to a dream destination, you want to spend the afternoon walking through cozy romantic streets and majestic avenues. You want to give that person the best place where to feel comfortable for a passionate holiday. And the question is: where should I travel if I am looking for romantic holidays in Europe?

Well, could be a tricky question but I’ll give you some quick answers. In this case, the crowd has had the word. It is considered that couples spend their most romantic holidays in Europe in Paris and Venice. From my perspective, Paris would be more suitable for the refined ones. Instead, Venice can be the paradise for passionate adventurous lovers.

Even if it may seem pretty easy, the reasons why a city can be considered romantic or not are not really established and there are some cities that are not mentioned by the crowd but that I would consider amazingly romantic. One of them is Stockholm, in Sweden, where the lightened city at night with all the islands of the archipelago surrounded by water creates a magic atmosphere that many lovers would appreciate.

At same time, the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is another one that can be considered of enchanted beauty. Probably the character of the people living there breaks somehow the atmosphere I must say, but it definitely is one of the most romantic holidays in Europe you can ever take.

Finally, even if I would not consider the capital as a romantic city, a cruise through the Greek Islands, specially with landings and stays in the most unspoiled of them, can be the only peaceful piece of free sand ready for beach lovers to explore. Even if Europe has other wonderful beaches, they are all overcrowded and you will not enjoy the kind of intimate space you are looking for with all people running around and throwing sand on your back.

Whatever your romantic holidays in Europe are, please don’t forget you are in the real world, and even if your partner loves you the most, the other people doesn’t, and specially robbers take opportunity of the enchanted couples that walk with their mind in the clouds through the streets of such romantic European capitals. Take care with them, and enjoy the rest!

Source by Dani Alonso

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