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Revealed: Most Luxurious Suites in Las Vegas

A recent study by Betway reveals that the most lavish suites in Las Vegas are not necessarily the most expensive. The research reviewed dozens of high-end hotels in Sin City and ranked the best suites through a point-based system. Here are the results.

Nobu Villa at Ceasars Palace 

With an aggregate of 48/60 from Betway Casino, Nobu Villa at Caesars Palace is the best suite in Las Vegas. It doesn’t come cheap at $35,000 a night, but it’s designed for experiencing luxury at its finest. The villa is located at the hotel’s rooftop, and you can only get there through a private elevator. 

Once there, it becomes evident the Nobu Villa isn’t your standard hotel suite. It measures 10,500 square feet and features three elegantly designed bedrooms. It comes with a media room, a sauna, and a zen garden graced by a whirlpool. 

Beyond all that, the villa offers a 4,700 sky deck to view the best of Las Vegas. There’s also a full bar, and a dining area you can organize with the help of the hotel’s chefs. What’s more, Caesars Palace pays for your round trip from and to the airport with a limousine when you book the Nobu Villa.

Encore’s Three-Bedroom Duplex

So, you want to splurge in Vegas? Make a booking at Encore’s three-bedroom duplex rated 45/60 by Betway. It will cost you $8,000 per night, but you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. From the full-service space to the Wynn Dream bed, whirlpool tubs to buffet-style dining tables, this suite is so luxurious it’s the recipient of a Travel Guide five-star award from Forbes. 

Together with its sister hotel Wynn Las Vegas, these suites have more five-star awards from Forbes than any other motel in the world. Of course, you don’t need to view its award to realize how elegant Encore is.

The 5,829 square-foot villa comes with a litany of niceties.  You get housekeeping services twice per day; unfettered entry to night clubs, $200 worth of free breakfast, priority dining, and best of all, a free limo ride to and from the airport.

The Palazzo’s Presidential Suite

The words ‘presidential suite’ screams elegance, privacy, tight security, pampering, and tasty foods. And with a score of 43/60 from Betway Casino, you get nothing short of opulence at the suite. More precisely, this suite offers a mix of luxury and well-being.  

You can work out an exclusive gym or have fun at the full bar, entertain your guests at the spacious living area, or request butler service round the clock. And if you are in a mood to rest, watch sports or catch up on your favorite show on the giant flat screen.

MGM Grand Skylofts Three Bedroom

Five stars from Forbes, 40/60 from Betway, and top-notch reviews from past customers prove the MGM’s Skyloft suite is one of the best places to spend money in Las Vegas. The suite occupies the two top-most floors at the MGM Grand Hotel and gives you pristine views of the Strip.

The Skylofts is an exclusive hotel despite occupying space within another hotel. Again, it treats guests like royalty right from the time they arrive at the airport. Precisely, you receive a staff member to drive you in a Rolls Royce Ghost to your room. 

Inside the suite, MGM dedicates a butler to customize the interior to your liking. All the rooms feature high-end fabrics, excellent quality upholstery, and limestone floors. Beds are covered in Anichini linens while the walls feature beautiful design elements.

Because the Skylofts suite is an independent hotel, you might not find all the amenities within the hotel. However, MGM gives you access to its Grand Complex with five pools, private cabanas, and other facilities.

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