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Reasons For Gain In Popularity Of Retractable Awnings

We all strive to make the best of space at our home and office, which includes trying to extend our outdoor area be it a patio, deck or terrace. For this purpose retractable awning played a game-changer. It is at vogue for its functionality and smart look. Retractable awnings have served us in a lot of positive ways.

  1. Giving protection from the sun
  2. Protecting us from heavy rainfall
  3. Saving our outdoor furniture and flooring from fading fast.
  4. Protecting window pane from rusting
  5. Protecting glass door and window from accidental breakage 
  6. Giving us space to relax and party with loved ones
  7. We can enjoy the weather and enjoy nature at the same time
  8. The convenience of installing and disassembling
  9. Reducing electric bills in the hot summer since it reduces the temperature indoors is a big deal.  
  10. The sun-blocking is beneficial for the glow of your skin as well.
  11. Giving an improved and attractive outlook

However, there is a huge variety of awnings available in the market to cater to everyone’s individual needs and preferences. They are customizable offering a wide range of fabric, colors, installation features, functionality tools and much more. Have a good discussion with your supplier or advisor regarding your specifications.

There are different types of awnings to list and select the one which best suits your requirements.

Retractable Awning:

Retractable awnings are the most popular due to its flexibility and functionality. The option of folding and unfolding when not in use makes it everyone’s favorite. Things last longer when protected while not being in use unnecessarily. Retractable awnings have options of manual folding as well as motorized retraction which can be controlled with a remote. You can even customize sensor build awnings which will retract awning as per weather change. 

Fixed Awning:

These are traditional awning systems with polls installed supporting the shade. In severe weather conditions you might face a challenge of getting them repaired.they are ideal for spaces like deck or patio that you want to occupy permanently without worrying about the harsh weather conditions. 

Mobile Awning:

They are ideal to cover large spaces like swimming pools, lawns, and restaurants. People carry them when they go camping or picnic attaching them to campervans and caravans.

Conservatory Awning:

They are usually attached to existing roofs for heat conservation. A special material is used to reduce the heat in summers and control temperature in harsh winters. This type of awning is particularly an expensive option since it is mostly mechanized with the sensor, time and thermal switched to automatically control in your absence. 

Small Area Awning:  

Awnings are not only for big areas you can even get them installed on your windows to stop the entrance of extra heat in your house. Small retractable awnings are best for small openings like windows and balconies. This can serve you best to be light on your pocket when talking about energy bills. You can have peaceful and controlled temperature summers for sure, without bearing breathtaking electric bills. 

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