Planning ahead for that upcoming destination wedding

Planning ahead for that upcoming destination wedding

A dream held by many young lovers is a wedding in a tropical and romantic location. Others might opt for a wedding near a mountain vista in the shadow of a rustic ski lodge. Still others might prefer a weekend in Vegas with Elvis as the officiant. One thing is sure. Holding a destination wedding is a goal held by many couples. However, it’s important to plan ahead before deciding to have a wedding many miles from home.

Opt For The Low Season

If you’re planning on a wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean, opting to hold your wedding in the fall is one way to save money on the big event. October and November are great months to travel to these tropical locations. Many hotels will offer discounts in order to draw people in. The same goes for airlines. You’ll want to take the possibility of a hurricane into account, but as long as the weather is decent, you’ll save money by opting for a fall wedding. Of course, the low season will vary depending upon the location you choose.

Figure Out Your Guest List

If you’re looking to hold a destination wedding, you’ll want to figure out your guest list. The more people you bring along, the more your wedding is going to cost. While your guests will probably shoulder the cost of transportation and lodging, the resort you choose will impose charges based upon the number of guests you have at your reception. The size of your cake and the number of tables you’ll need to feed will be based upon the number of guests you invite.

Think About Points

If you’ve been involved in the game of travel hacking, you’ve probably built up a stash of points. You might want to sign up for a credit card or two to help you cut the cost of your destination wedding. If you’re focused on hotel loyalty rewards, you might be able to save money on your room, and you might also be able to get a few free nights for your guests. While you’ll probably not be able to knock out the entire cost of flights and lodging, you can save some money on these expenses.

Start Saving Money

Like any other major expense, you’ll want to start saving money as far in advance as possible. If you’re planning a destination wedding and have twelve months before the big day, you’ll want to list every expense in your budget and divide the number by twelve. Obviously, the longer you have before your wedding, the less you’ll have to save each month.

Saving money and paying as you go is a great way to ensure that your wedding costs no more than necessary. This can make it challenging to maintain a healthy emergency savings account, if all of your personal funds are going to supporting your wedding planning. Unfortunately, this does leave you susceptible in the event of an unexpected emergency, as you may not have the funds to cover a sudden medical expense. Know your options for backup financial assistance, such as credit cards, direct lender loans, or borrowing from family or friends. These short-term options could be a helpful way to get your finances back on track while you rebuild your savings post-wedding. Just remember, these loans are meant for unexpected emergency expenses, not to help you pay for your wedding.

Opt For Budget Friendly Accommodations

There’s no need to stay at a roach-infested motel to save money on your destination wedding; however, it is possible to save a little if you opt for a three-star property over a four-star property. You might also recommend cheaper options for your guests who are coming a long distance. This step could help them save money and make it more likely that they’ll be able to attend your wedding.

A destination wedding can provide some great memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll want to have your friends and family there to experience one of the most important days of your life. By planning ahead, you can make your special day go smoothly, and you can avoid overspending and taking on a mountain of unnecessary debt.

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