Packing for an overnight work trip

Packing for an overnight work trip

Some jobs are work from home. Some jobs are office based. Some jobs involve being out in the open all day. And then there are jobs that send you away for important meetings, meaning you have to travel and stay overnight somewhere on your own. 

I’ve done this. Many times. Sometimes it’s actually quite fun. The journey isn’t that bad and you get to see somewhere that you’ve never seen before. But other times it can be one disaster after another if you’re not prepared – especially where you have to travel abroad and things like the language barrier and money transfers can cause issues (see for advice on this latter point). 

The last thing you want to do is overpack for a simple business trip. Why? Two main reasons. First of all, you have to carry everything you take. Be kind to your feet. You’ve got a busy day is a strange place with lots of walking around. Secondly, you don’t want to be the person turning up to the meeting with a suit bag over one shoulder, a bulging holdall slipping off the other side, and a suitcase in tow … important people carry one thin folder, general staff and nobodies do all the heavy lifting (you don’t want to create the wrong impression at your meeting).

Now, let’s look at how to pack.

Choose the most lightweight options possible or live to regret it

Packing light sounds easy. Two pairs of underwear, some socks, and a toothbrush. But what if you go out in the evening? That’ll mean a change of clothes. And shoes. And you’ll need your toiletries. Then, there are pyjamas. And clothes for the next day. And maybe a big coat if it’s cold. And an umbrella. And … before you know it, the zip on your suitcase is starting to sweat.

Part of the problem is spacing. And, if you’re throwing items on top of items, obscuring the clothes at the bottom of the suitcase, you’re likely to overpack (just in case). You need packing cubes. Simple and easy. You’ll never pack without them again. 

Chargers and adapters

Just a quick note on these. You know you need them. Don’t forget them. Opt for a portable charger that can recharge your phone at least eight times (that should be enough to keep you in memes and social media for the whole trip). 

Stain remover pen

These are available from a variety of trustworthy brands, and they’re a life saver when you’ve just spilled your hot drink in your lap moment before a big meeting. They’re relatively cheap, too – make sure a coffee spill doesn’t make your first impression for you! 

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