New Solo Travel Destinations: Australia’s Tasmania

New Solo Travel Destinations: Australia’s Tasmania

New Solo Travel Destinations: Australia’s Tasmania. A Guest Post by Delan Cooper 


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Launceston City is the place to start in Tasmania. It provides an abundance of things to see for solo travelers from students to career breakers or gap-year travelers. However, traveling solo for first-timers can be daunting, and can raise questions of safety and which route to follow. Selecting the right solo travel destination is key and with so many possibilities, it can be challenging. Here are four beautiful solo destinations, you can explore in Launceston City:


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Cataract Gorge is a wilderness close to the city with panoramic views and great walking trails that are worth a visit. The scenic riverside and lush bush banks make for a beautiful natural phenomenon with plenty of birds and wildlife plus a man-made addition, a chair lift across the Gorge to a cafe! It is an excellent place to take photos as you walk across the suspension bridge. You will find a gorgeous restaurant with beautiful peacocks roaming around the lawns. There is a 50-minute afternoon cruise ship ride. It will take you through unobstructed views of the seaport, Kings Wharf, as you slide along the riverfronts and sail beneath the spectacular cliffs of Cataract Gorge Launceston.


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City Park is a hidden beauty with well-manicured gardens, located in central Launceston.  The Park features something for all ages from beautiful trees and flower beds to a well-maintained playground area and miniature monkey’s enclosure. The Park also has pathways for strolling plus a train ride, a duck pond, and a Japanese macaque exhibit. There are numerous outdoor spots to sit back and enjoy the sunshine or visit a nearby café for coffee lovers filled with local handicrafts to admire.

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The aquatic center offers outstanding service, has state-of-the-art facilities, and it is only a few minutes’ walk from the city center. It provides a range of indoor and outdoor activities such as swimming pools, fitness hub, and a children’s play area. The 50-meter competition pool has spectator seating area. It offers leisure relaxation options plus swimming lessons. The outdoor swimming pool contains a water slide,  beach access and a diving tank. They offer a fitness program with over 56 group lessons that include cardio exercises, pin loading, and weight lifting. There is also an outdoor fitness area.


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The Launceston Cup is an annual horse race held in Tasman Park on the third Wednesday of February and observed as a public holiday. The event which is the most prestigious race in Tasmania covers a distance of more than two kilometers. . The cup draws a prize of $250,000 and attracts serious trainers and competitors to the track. Up to 16,000 people flock to this event to see, and also be seen, in the latest fashions.


In sum, Launceston City, located in exotic Tasmania, is one of the most popular solo-travel destinations in Australia so make it one of yours, too! There is lots to do with friendly people while enjoying the sunshine. If you don’t want to go it alone, you can book a local tour to meet up with other solos and likeminded people.



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