Mobile Games Perfect That’ll Make Arduous Journeys Fly By

Mobile Games Perfect That’ll Make Arduous Journeys Fly By

Every traveler has been on one of those journeys, where the minutes turn into hours, as you begin to wonder if you will ever reach your destination.

Add in a bit of mild dysentery, perhaps a broken bus suspension, or a snoring passenger in the long haul flight seat beside you, and suddenly the trip of a lifetime can quickly descend into unadulterated misery.

Back in the day, there would have been little you could do, apart from maybe adding another entry to your travel diary, practicing some of the local lingo with a fellow traveler, or just closing your eyes and praying for sleep.

Of course, these days everyone has some kind of mobile device to hand which can play everything from downloaded movies and TV series to music playlists.

However, when all that bores you, and all hope appears lost, mobile games can be an incredible means of making hours flash by in a blur.

Here are some of the most time consuming and engrossing mobile games to be found anywhere. You would be wise to have them downloaded and installed before you make that upcoming mammoth journey you have been so excited about.

Classic Card Games and Board Games That All Fit on Your Phone

While there are lots of simple games out there that require little or no brainpower to play, and which will while away a few minutes, the real-time burners out there tend to be more complex games.

Many of these include classics such as backgammon, poker, and chess, all of which require a certain amount of dedication and application for a player to be successful.

Before mobile phones, such games were practically impossible to play during a journey, with cards prone to flying everywhere and board game pieces getting lost every time the bus hit a bump or a plane encountered turbulence. All that has changed now because the games are all available on mobile devices, with certain sites also providing free strategy advice for players of all levels. Get a handle on knowing the difference between checkmate and a full-house, and soon enough, you will be able to face the best in the business for hours on end.

Be sure to pack these games deep in your phone’s memory before you set off on that grueling journey.

Puzzlers and Platformers as Popular as Ever

If classic brain ticklers are not really your thing then there are some truly awesome contemporary puzzlers and platformers to check out on mobile.

One must-play game is the beautifully noir styled Limbo, which mixes both genres expertly and provides hours of entertainment.

For out-and-out puzzlers Monument Valley 1 and 2 are still pretty hard to beat, although The Room and Hitman GO also will have gamers tapping their screens for as long as their batteries hold out.

Games That Help You Learn and Grow

There is nothing worse than travelling through a foreign land in which you speak not a single word of the local language. It can also be equally galling to be travelling with some brainiacs whose conversations leave you feeling as though you should have hit the library more at university or college.

If you find yourself in either situation you might want to check out some of the learning and brain training apps that exist in app stores, many of which borrow so many gamification techniques that they strongly resemble games.

Some of the best for languages are Memrise and Duolingo. If general brain training is more what you are after then Lumosity and Peak are good options, although there is no shortage of other such apps to try your hand at.

All that is left to do is make sure your phone and additional battery packs are charged so you are ready for your gaming and travel marathon. Who knows, perhaps it’ll be the beginning of an exciting gaming career.

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