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Make Your House a Rental Holiday Home While You Travel – Your Easy How-to Guide

Strangers living in your home while you’re not there? A few years ago, most people wouldn’t even have considered the idea. 

But times change. It has become a new norm and you can join the millions of people across the globe renting out their homes while they travel. Whether you go on a long trip or a short holiday, why shouldn’t you make a little extra money or cover the costs of your own travels? 

Yes, it requires some planning, so read on to learn exactly how to get your rental holiday home plans in order. 

How to Make Holiday Home Renting Easy

Promote Your Property

You need to get some momentum going if you want to optimise your income with regular lodgers. You can use property agents, but technology works to your advantage as well:

  • Use rental websites because it’s the first place most people visit to look for holiday accommodation. They often provide damage cover and their customer support takes care of many renter inquiries so you can keep enjoying your own travels. 
  • Think of your ideal target audience; if you live near a university, advertise it to the students for visiting parents to use. 
  • Ask guests to post photographs of your holiday home with their reviews; guests’ images generate more traction than photographs posted by owners themselves.

Technology to Your Rescue: Use Automation Software While You’re Away

Another area technology helps you, is staying in control of rental procedures even if you’re far away. User-friendly automation software helps you manage many aspects of rental holiday home logistics:

  • Engagement with guests via messages or emails
  • Communication with service providers such as cleaners
  • Bookings — high-end  software easily integrates with leading rental websites such as Airbnb 

These programs are especially helpful if you manage more than one property. You can even create financial reports and gauge if your ventures are really generating as much money as you hope. 

Extra Services are Selling Points

Make guests’ stay as comfortable as possible and they’ll write reviews that will attract more vacation rental guests. The Internet and TV access are non-negotiable these days. Most travelers expect that to be included in their package.

To impress potential guests, even more, offer complimentary breakfasts or sightseeing. It’s easy to manage this: ask local restaurants and attractions for vouchers you can leave for your guests if you won’t be there to meet them on arrival. You’ll help businesses market themselves and it benefits local tourism, so you may get more vouchers than you expect.

What Makes Your Home Guest-Ready? 

5 Important Tips

When preparing your home for vacation rental you need a balance between giving your guests a comfortable home and not putting your own assets or budget at risk. Experts’ best tips to manage this include:

  • Personal items: Your most valued items—whether it’s for sentimental or financial reasons—should be locked away. Even if you have insurance to cover damages, you don’t want a family heirloom getting stolen or broken. Also, lock away your personal bath and beauty products. 
  • Cupboards: Label kitchen cupboards to help guests find what they need and ensure your belongings are put back in place. 
  • Bedroom: A set of high-quality sheets will add a sense of ‘hotel living’ which will prompt positive reviews. And don’t forget extra blankets; some guests always feel cold! 
  • Living room: If guests are holidaying they want to relax, so buying couches or other comfortable seating could be a huge investment. 
  • Dos and don’ts file: Create a file with step-by-step explanations of house rules and how to use appliances. Tell them if you don’t want high heeled shoes on your wooden floors or that no noise is allowed after 10 pm. Provide information about local sightseeing spots and local transportation.

Doing renovations or buying items for your rental holiday home is only necessary if it will add more value to your listing. Don’t go overboard!

Safety First

You’re responsible to provide a safe environment for your guests. You may have to install a few features if you don’t have them in your home already, such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. 

Also, make a checklist of general items to monitor before you leave for your travels:

  • Are all chemicals and poisons locked away?
  • Does your heating system operate effectively?
  • Do the bulbs you use align with the wattage of the fixtures you have?
  • Is your chimney clean and did you leave guidelines on how to use it? 
  • Did you have your electrical infrastructure checked recently?
  • Is the fence and gate around your pool in good condition?
  • Are there slippery surfaces you need to identify with a warning notice? 

Always Do a Deep Clean

Your reviews are bound to mention hygiene, so make sure you clean well before the guests arrive. 

But what if you’re not there? Not all your guests will be pedantic about cleanliness. On the surface, a place may look neat after someone left, but homeowners have found items hidden in cupboards and lodgers’ long hair on carpets & furniture. 

If you have various guests staying for short periods of time, before each arrival the rental holiday home must be spotless again. Simply organise with a local cleaning company for a proper clean each time someone leaves. 


See? It’s possible to enjoy time away from home while giving other travelers a chance to enjoy your home town. And you CAN have peace of mind, knowing everything is under control.

Safe travels, and if you have any other questions, please leave a comment below. 

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