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Make your 4wding safe in Australia with Hema Maps

If you are from Australia, you must be aware of Hema maps when it comes to navigation. If you don’t know or look for a trusted source of navigation in Australia, you are reading the right thing. 

Hema map is a company that deals with mapping and publishing. This company was found in Brisbane, a prominent city in Australia. 

Hema maps are not newbies in the market. They have been serving people in Australia with navigation and mapping for over 30 years. This has made Hema maps a trusted name when it comes to navigation and mapping in Australia, especially for 4wd, car, or caravan. 

The best thing about this mapping company is that it also prints the tour guide on their maps, which becomes more helpful for Australia’s tourists.

The company has grown to the extent that now it provides different kinds of mapping and navigation tools. Hema maps provide a different kind of folded maps, atlases, guides, and a few digital products, including apps and dedicated navigation systems. All their products from Hema maps are available on at the best price. Checkout now! 

Best for off-road, 4wd, and outdoor adventure industries. 

Apart from just focusing on the dedicated road touring, Hema maps also focus on off-road touring. The company has built a prominent name in off-road, 4wd, and outdoor adventure industries. 

The company has an unparalleled updating system, which helps the company pursue accurate cartographic details relevant to outdoor explorers. Hema Maps have to keep on improving with time. 

Up-to-date information

They have a very dedicated team responsible for collecting and updating all the necessary and important data. This dedicated team is called the Map Petrol team. This team of professionals covers a vast area in Australia, or we can say all over Australia, to collect the most accurate data. 

If we talk about Australia’s covered area by Hema maps, then it turns to be over 690,000km of tracks and 545,000km of unsealed roads throughout Australia.

The company’s digital devices are made for accuracy and high performance for 4wd and car navigation and mapping. Having a four-wheeler in Australia, then you must have Hema maps. 


You might be wondering about how they got this name ‘Hema.’ The name is comprised of the first two letters from the name of two brothers, Henry and Margaret Boegheim. Yes, ‘He’ from henry and ‘Ma’ from Margaret together becomes ‘Hema.’ The company was founded by two brothers in 1983. Initially, they started selling maps and marine charts. 

However, the company’s specialty, which is the navigation and mapping for 4WD, was added to the service by a small incident. 

Once the two brothers bought their first 4WD. They took it through the Simpson Desert, Gunbarrel Highway, and took on Cape York. The problem they faced was the poor mapping and navigation for 4WD in Australia. 

This incident gave them room to add the 4wd navigation and mapping feature in their company. They started working hard on it. Guess what? They are now the most trusted source in Australia when it comes to 4wd mapping and navigation. 

Interesting right? The two brothers didn’t stop after. This was a brief about Australia’s most accurate and correct mapping and navigation company in 4wd. The company has a renowned name in the country and has gained trust from the citizens too. 

Their products are available on the website at the most affordable price. Everything is available on the chart and map shop, from their map to the atlases’ navigation devices. Thank you for reading, and happy traveling!

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