Make RV Travel Better with Inflatable Boats

Make RV Travel Better with Inflatable Boats

Picking to travel in an RV, a pull-behind trailer, or a cabover camper can allow you to explore extensively.

However, for casual boaters just seeking to go on the water and expand the range of recreational opportunities, an inflatable boat provides a perfect option. 

You can conveniently store away kayaks for lakes and rivers or carry full-size rafts for whitewater. 

You can also couplea small motor with a river or lake worthy boat while still maintaining everything portable and compact. 

However, the boat you take along ultimately depends on your preference and intended use. Before jumping into inflatable boats, consider your intended use, your budget, andresearch brands and options available. 

Construction Goes Hand in Hand with Price

Generally, quality comes at a cost;and this is no different form the inflatable boats. 

Always take caution, especially with the new brands that offer their products at ridiculously low process.

If anything, most of them are knockoff companies that will sell you product that don’t last fr long.

Generally, however, hypalon material is more durable and more comfortable to patch, although it’s heavier than PVC.  

Paddle Boards and Pack Rafts

Pack rafts and paddleboards are your lightest options of inflatable boats. 

The inflatable paddle boats are perfect for both lakes and calm waters. They pack down in a very tight space, and experienced paddleboarders can use them to run on rivers. 

Narrow paddleboards are available for experienced speed paddlers on flat water, river boards models for tackling whitewater and surfing waves, and stability models for general use. 

High-quality pack rafts are significant in terms of convenience and space-saving. Pack rafts have been designed for storing away in a backpack for easy portability. 

Rafts weighing under five pounds are available for river and lake use, particularly floating on a high mountain lake after a tiring hike. 

Inflatable Canoes and Kayaks

An inflatable canoe or kayak offers more in terms of options and stability as compared to pack rafts. 

The top two models in the market are Aire and NRS, although they are relatively few in the market. 

The Ducky style kayaks are also excellent for operating in whitewater and do equally well for general lake use. T

hese single-person kayaks that weigh less than 40 pounds come in durable designs and are convenient for big water. 

You can also choose lake models that have a narrower base, tandem kayaks, and cone-specific models that perform close to the hard body models. These inflatablesform a rigid shell that plays and tracks much like a hard body boat.

Running a Motor

Are you convinced that you cannot operate a motor without a pulling trailer? It is not impossible. 

Zodiac style inflatables are designed with a hard floor and inflatable transom that stabilizes and tracks the boat on plane. 

The boat is about ten to twelve feet with a 9.9 or 15-horse outboard, making it amazingly portable and opens up big water. 

The hard and rubber floor packs down into a manageable package that can fit well in a standard size hitch mount cargo carrier. 

It is more complex to carry the motor, but you can store it in the original box and build a two by four rack and stand it in an upright position at the exterior or interior of your rig. 

A 9.9 horse motor is lightweight enough to be handled by a single person with medium strength.  Various brands such as Achilles and Avon manufacture these boats. 

Inflatable Rafts

Knowing how to row a raft when crossing rivers gives you an entire world of discovery. A moving raft offers you an excellent way to explore and interact with a river. 

You can also be able to tackle everything from short, mild floats to massive whitewater. 

You can pack down a raft that has a minimal rowing frame to a hundred-pound portable package that you can sit on your truck bed rails if you pull a trailer with a pickup. Frameless a breakdown frames raft is available for lightweight travel.

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