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Killing Time in Transit: 4 Things That’ll Keep You Sane

Wouldn’t it be great if you could teleport to a travel destination? It’s a nice thought, but until technology delivers this miracle, we’ll still have to endure long-haul flights.

So, that begs the question – how can you best kill time whilst travelling? In today’s blog, we’ll share all the different ways you can occupy yourself on planes, trains, and buses. Let’s get started.

Play Mobile Games

Speaking of miracles, how about smartphones? These days, they are the 21st century Swiss Army Knife: they book hotels, they take pictures, and yes – they entertain.

However, many of their functions require the internet. So, unless you’re willing to shell out for in-flight WiFi (if it’s even available), you’ll be out of luck.

Fortunately, there are ways for your phone to occupy you even when you’re offline. Take games, for example – by downloading them before getting on board, you can bang away at them for hours. But what if you’re not sure what to download? 

Why not try solitaire? This card game, invented by a jailed aristocrat in 17th century Europe, is certain to keep you busy. With nowhere to go for hours, you’ll need a game as addictive as this classic card game.

What? You haven’t played solitaire before? Click here to read more about it, then find yourself a reputable app – you’re welcome.

Listen to Podcasts

But as fun as mobile games are, they are somewhat lacking in intellectual stimulation. So, when you are filling up your phone with offline goodies, make room for a few of your favourite podcasts. Face it: despite listening on your jogs and whilst doing the dishes, you have an episode backlog a mile long.
 If you haven’t listened to a podcast before, though, you might not understand what the fuss is about. Here’s the thing: name any niche. Do this, and we can virtually guarantee there’s a podcast dedicated to it. Their hosts can spend hours diving deep into topics that will leave you smarter and better informed by the end.
 Give them a shot – you’ll be glad you did. 

Read a Book

However, we realise podcasts aren’t for everyone. Some folks aren’t aural learners – after a few minutes, they’ll lose track of what a podcaster is saying, opting to stare out the window instead.

If this describes you, why not take along a book instead? From juicy romance novels to eye-opening non-fiction titles, they’ll fill the theatre of your mind with visuals that will make the hours fly by.

Watch Movies

As well-intended as the above suggestions are, you don’t HAVE to fertilise your mind on a bus/plane/train trip. Sometimes, you’re exhausted and want to unwind.

In these circumstances, there’s nothing like a movie to while away the hours. So, before leaving, fill up a card, thumb drive, or hard drive with movies. Then, when boredom strikes, plug it in, load whatever film you’re feeling, and chill out.

You’ll Get There Before You Know It

Time is relative. When your mind isn’t occupied, it can creep at a mind-numbingly slow rate. But when you’re 100% engaged in an activity, it goes by in a blink. One moment, you’re in the middle of nowhere. And in the next, you’ve arrived.

So before your next journey, remember this article. Do so, and your time in transit will fly by.

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