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Is Moving To Philadelphia Right For You?

Are you thinking of moving to Philadelphia? Moving to a new city requires a lot of planning, such as moving costs, transportation, and picking which neighborhood  to live in. This historical city is home to some of the most famous historical sites, music, and the location of the famous steps in the movie Rocky.

Philadelphia has a huge art scene. Streets are fueled with murals and the city is home to the Philadelphia Art Museum. Philadelphia is structured with its classic row homes and the beautifully enchanting Magic Gardens on South Street.

In this article you’re going to learn about the different places to live in Philadelphia, the cost of living in Philadelphia, and how to get around in Philly.

If you’re not sure about whether you want to move to Philadelphia here is a complete city guide, so that you can be sure that moving to Philadelphia is right for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Philadelphia?

When it comes to moving the first thing that comes to mind is how much is it going to cost. This is wholly dependent on where you are now and where in Philadelphia you want to live.

According to Smart Asset, if you’re thinking about renting in Philadelphia, the average cost for a studio in Philadelphia is $815 per month.

If you’re thinking of a 1-bedroom apartment it is $968, $1,169 for a 2-bedroom apartment and $,1462 for a three-bedroom apartment.

Figure out if you want to live by yourself or if there’s a roommate that would come with you. You might want to consider renting a vehicle or if you have friends or family that will help you move.

Start planning ahead and saving to prepare for these costs.

Where To Live In Philadelphia

The Philadelphia area is generally sectioned off into three parts North, South, and West. However, here is a list of some neighborhoods in Philadelphia and why you should live in Philly.

North Philadelphia Neighborhoods

Northern Liberties

The Northern Liberties is a neighborhood in North Philly that has attraction sites like the Schmidt’s Commons, bar and club Silk City, the women-owned shop The Art Star. The Northern liberties has a fun atmosphere and nightlife.


The name comes from its history of being the epicenter of shad-fishing. With Penn Treaty Park and the Fillmore music venue, a historic 125- year old building, there are many things that you can find to do within Fishtown. You can check out local places that specializes in craft-beer and small-batch liquors.

Center City

Center City is the heart of Philadelphia were you can get anywhere to see Philadelphia’s most interesting sites and it makes Philadelphia a great place to live. From City Hall, to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and the Love statue, these are Philadelphia’s greatest sites. Most of the action takes place in Center City, whether you’re looking for a Philadelphia nightclub or a cultural event. 

Washington Square West

This neighborhood famously has the LGBTQ flag flying in dozens of rows in the Gayborhood. Washington Square park is a common tourist attraction. It is also home to one of the country’s oldest theater, Walnut Street Theatre, who was owned by Edwin Booth.

Old City

Old City is the most historical part of town. This is where you’ll find all the historical sites tied with America’s deep history.

West Philly

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is a cool place to live in West Philadelphia. Baltimore Avenue has a streamline of ethnic cuisine and black-owned businesses such as Booker’s. It is home to the historic Clark Park where the statue of Charles Dickens resides. It’s 9.1 acres allows a beautiful stroll in the summer and fall time. Clark Park also has local musicians casually playing around the area.


Germantown has a calm backyard feeling to this neighborhood. This is home to the Johnson House, which was part of the Underground Railroad and present-day museum.


Manayunk is the Native American word that means “where we go to drink”. The name ultimately comes from its location on the Schuylkill river. This area has booming restaurants, cafés, shops, and large variety of cuisine.

South Philly

South Street

The famous South Street has many restaurants to dip into and taste as well as the famous Magic Gardens. This museum has a stunning glass mosaic art that you can walk through and become dazzled by.

East Passyunk

The East Passyunk area of South Philadelphia is home to the Italian Market and a variety of other local flavors. One of the best food neighborhoods in the city, East Passyunk Avenue is a stretch of restaurants, bars, shops, and more. 

Transportation in Philadelphia

Transportation in a city is way more affordable than living in a suburb or rural area. The main transportation line in Philadelphia is called SEPTA.. You can get a SEPTA keycard to hold money for passes instead of having cash.

It’s a total of $4 roundtrip to center city for certain SEPTA lines which makes getting to the city a quick and easy trip, if you live in Philadelphia.   SEPTA ranges from trains, trolleys, and buses. There is also Amtrak and NJ Transit – those prices will vary if you’re traveling outside of Philadelphia.

Move To Philadelphia!

With all of its attractions, art scene, food, and more Philadelphia is a great and affordable place to move to. Come visit to envision your life here!

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