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Is It Easy To Trigger The Free Slots Spins Bonus Round In Low Volatility Games?

When slots were first invented back in the 19th century, the technology available only allowed for a very basic playing experience. It was the equivalent of only being able to play the base game of a slot nowadays. There were no bonus rounds, but since slots were a new and novel form of entertainment, nobody was aware that slots should contain a bonus round in the first place. Today, the focus of any slot game is the bonus. A good 500 free spins bonus game is the difference between a successful slot and one that ends up gathering dust in slot lobbies of online casinos. 

The Rise Of Slots 

Slot games have not had a smooth ride in their development and this is mostly down to gambling bans affecting their progress. Instead of disappearing during bans, slots took on a different guise and gave non-cash prizes out such as sweets, instead. These machines were renamed as vending and fruit machines. 

Strange as it may seem, the new symbols that replaced card faces during gambling bans, actually remained on the reels once gambling bans were over and the slots containing these symbols became known as fruit machines. 

Technological progress in society during certain periods of time is reflected in slot games and the 1960s brought the world the first electrical slot.  In the 1970s the first version of a video slot was unveiled and this was improved upon in the 1980s. What really made slots popular was the digital revolution of the 1990s. In 1996 slots moved from physical machines to online entities and these digital slots were the most popular forms that slots had ever taken. In this digital video slots era, new terms were created such as RTP and RNG. 

Terms Explained 

RNG or the Random Number Generator is basically a computer microchip that is used to generate millions of number sequences that are turned into millions of spins across a casino platform.  This is thought to be the fairest way of creating slots spins, as the results are random and unbiased. 

Despite this, slots do give the house a generous edge over the punter and choosing high RTP score games, to play, can decrease this house edge advantage. The Return To Player percentage is a calculation of how much of a player’s stake will be returned to them over a period of thousands of spins. High RTP games are also considered to have low volatility. What this means is that these games pay out regularly and even if the wins are not huge, they do build over time. 

It is not only wins that are more regular when playing high RTP score games. The chances are that you will trigger the free spins bonus rounds more regularly too.  Whilst it is never easy to activate a bonus round, your chances of doing so increase steadily on high RTP games. Therefore, it is best to play slots with RTP scores of 96% and upwards.

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