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Injured While Traveling? Here Are 3 Sure Signs You Need a Lawyer

Traveling is fun and not inherently dangerous. Accidents happen everywhere, even in your own home. In the US, unintentional injuries are the third leading cause of death.

Don’t let your fears of an injury keep you from traveling, but accidents do happen sometimes. If you’re traveling and you get hurt, what should you do? 

Some situations call for a lawyer. If you’re injured while traveling, here are three signs you need a lawyer. 

1. Your Injury Is Serious

If your injury is serious, a personal injury lawyer is a must. A serious injury could change the rest of your life. It could also cost you for the rest of your life. 

You don’t always know at the time of the injury how much it’s going to affect you in the years to come. A personal injury attorney has experience dealing with medical experts who understand the ramifications of your injury.

Some injuries are disabling and permanent. In that case, you’ll need compensation for lost work wages as well as medical bills for many years. 

Getting immediate medical help and a lawyer translates into a better settlement in the long run. 

If the worst happens and a loved one dies, you need a lawyer experienced in wrongful death litigation. Make sure you choose a lawyer that’s experienced in your type of situation.

2. Unaffordable Doctor’s Bills

If you can’t afford the up-front portion of your doctor’s bills, call a lawyer. Most personal injury lawyers can connect you with a doctor who won’t take any money until your case is settled. 

The attorney works with the doctor in determining the extent of your injuries. The doctor also communicates the probable duration of rehabilitation. It’s possible you’ll suffer for months or even years. 

An experienced attorney gets you a fair settlement based on actual damages, pain, and suffering. 

3. A Question of Liability

Did your accident involve multiple parties? That’s a complicated situation that calls for an experienced lawyer. 

In a case with more than two parties, an insurance company could try to place some of the blame on you. A lawyer protects you from counterclaims while getting you the compensation you deserve. 

Move Fast

If you’ve been injured while traveling, reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less likely you’ll get the compensation you deserve. 

See a doctor immediately as well. If you don’t see a doctor, the insurance company representatives assume you weren’t that injured. 

Also, let the lawyer figure out how and where to reach out and whether your case calls for litigation. If you’re traveling abroad when injured, it’s more complicated but not impossible for a lawyer with experience in those types of cases. 

Three Signs You Need a Lawyer If Injured While Traveling

If you’re injured while traveling, getting a lawyer is a good idea. Even if you think the injury isn’t that bad, consult a lawyer. 

It’s better to get a lawyer first. You can always decline her services if you both decide you don’t have a case. 

If you’re seriously injured, have unaffordable doctor’s bills, or there’s a question of liability, don’t hesitate. Get yourself a personal injury lawyer now.

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