How to Visit Egypt After COVID-19 – General Tips

How to Visit Egypt After COVID-19 – General Tips

Travelling to Egypt has always been a dream to every traveler who seeks to find the greatness in the land of the great Pharaohs and tours around the unique charming historical & cultural sightseeing located in different Egyptian site. With Coronavirus Pandemic, all tourists were prevented from travelling abroad for a lot of time and they could only stay at home to avoid being affected with that virus but it seems like the end of the virus all over the world and that countries started to open its borders allowing their residents to travel anywhere they want just to get rid of the negative experience they have been through and to enjoy again their vacations all around the universe. 

Some may ask; is it really safe to travel to Egypt nowadays? What health precautions have been taken to deal with that pandemic especially for tourists? How to avoid being infected with COVID-19 while being in Egypt? And there are many other frequent Questions that we will handle through our article below mentioning all of what you may need to know regarding the current tourist situation in Egypt. 

What are the Health Measures in Egypt?

The Egyptian government has recently announced that it had added an extra one billion EGP to fund its health services and lots of measures were applied to increase the capacity of the country to absorb any sudden increase of critical patients in Egypt. In addition to this, the CDC “the Center for diseases Control & Prevention” that has worked for over 20 years incorporating with public health institutions in Egypt, is working in conjunction now with the Egyptian government to reduce the impact of emerging diseases, strengthen immunization services, conducting surveillance, building capacity in different areas like lab systems, and lots of other things which enables the Egyptian sectors to face such a pandemic. 

Among the really important preventive measures that should be taken to avoid Coronavirus is to avoid crowded places, keep distance from the others, keep washing your hands with soap & water for at least 20 seconds, and avoid touching your eyes, your nose or your mouth while being out of your home with unwashed hands. 

If you have the chance to travel now to Egypt and you want to make use of your vacation before getting back to your routine life & job and also to get the best possible price based on the current rates of hotels, domestic flight, and Nile Cruises in Egypt, then we are going to illustrate the most important points you need to put in mind and also need to avoid.

Here are the most frequent questions from different travelers regarding COVID-19 in Egypt?

How to lower your CoronaVirus risk while eating out in Egypt?

All Restaurants, cafés, and bars are getting prepared now to reopen to the public especially in the tourist sites and they are taking the highest measures of protection to guarantee that everything is well-prepared and protected in order not to increase the risk of being infected in one of the public places. That is why in restaurants, they are trying to keep the distance about 6 feet from a table to another to keep the social distancing based on the instructions of the WHO & the CDC. Of course it is hard to eat while wearing your face mask but if the staffs of the place you are eating in are wearing face masks & gloves, then you will be much safe than being in a place that doesn’t care about taking the safety measures. 

Also cleaning the surfaces of the tables through using a disinfectant product that contains alcohol of around 70% or bleach and you should make sure that you wash your hands carefully before putting anything in your mouth. Try to stay away from crowded restaurants that put tables next to each other as that way you can get infected from anyone around you. Some restaurants nowadays are screening guests before they enter with temperature checks or even through asking them some questions about any symptoms they are facing and also if any of their close contacts has been diagnosed with Covid-19. The risk of becoming infected from the cooked food is very low and you just need to make sure you are using clean items for your food & drinks and keep a social distance between you and others around you.

Is it safe enough to travel to Egypt while facing COVID-19?

Egypt is a country that is facing the challenges of Covid-19 like any other country around the world and thanks to the care of Allah, the world is now getting in a much better state and the levels of getting infected or even catching critical symptoms have decreased a lot. That is why Egypt is about to open its borders to its beloveds from any place around the world to enjoy the best vacations ever as they have always used to. The Egyptian government has taken really tough measures in an attempt to let all of the tourist spots in Egypt well-secured and ready to receive numbers of tourists. Before entering to any tourist site, it is going to be a must to put-on your face mask & your gloves. You shouldn’t touch anything around you in order not to be infected or infect others. Inside each tourist site, there will be a limited number of tourists in one place and you will find in each place you head to, lots of cleanliness items like gloves, face masks, bleach, 70% alcohol, etc. to use whenever you want.

Regarding places of accommodation in Egypt including hotels & Nile Cruises, they are working at the best they can to keep everything under control and to make sure that any of their guests will be secured during the whole of his/her accommodation through sterilizing bed sheets during the whole time, improving the housekeeping services to keep all services clean during the whole time and to assist guests in the best possible way. You will find them providing sanitizer to both the hotel guests & staff, let you hotel staff knows immediately if any of the covid-19 symptoms appeared on you to act quickly and do the necessary procedures. 

What should you do to reduce the risk of being exposed to Corona Virus?

There are some tips we can offer to eliminate or even reduce the risk of being exposed to such a virus and here are the most common among them:

  • Time

It is very important to put in mind that time is a very important factor in lowering or increasing the danger of being infected and shorter activities are highly recommended since they will generally have a lower risk associated with the infection. You need to spend shorter time on each place whether it is a public restaurant, a café, a tourist site especially if they are crowded. Regarding to your food, it is highly recommended to take it with you as takeaway and eat wherever you want far away from the crowd. Regarding your transfers, don’t spend a lot of time in a closed vehicle with others and try to keep windows open to exchange the air. 

  • Space

You need to think carefully how much space you have around you wherever you are planning to go and also how much control you have over the situation. If you can keep the 6 feet distance between you and the people around you, it is going to be much better and it is going to be the best way to secure yourself against the spread of any diseases. Always check the cleanliness measures the place you are going to spend some time in before sitting just like what items do they use, does the staff wear masks & gloves or not, and things like that.

  • People

The level of people’s consciousness is totally important and required in such a situation so you need to observe how people react around you to see if this place is safe for you or not. If they are gathering together in a small place, it means that your risk of getting infected is going to be much higher that areas with few people. Watch people around you to see if they are wearing masks or not, if any of them is coughing especially for the indoor & enclosed settings activities. 

  • Place

There are numerous inside & outside activities you can enjoy while being in Egypt and you always have the chance to choose the safest and the most secured option for you. For example, in case you found that the restaurant you are you going to have your meal in is crowded from the inside, you can sit out on a patio instead of being inside the restaurant itself. This can be applied on any place you visit and once you find any tourist site is crowded and there isn’t enough space inside, you can choose an alternative available option to keep yourself secured. 

Extra Tips to put in mind to reduce the risk of being exposed to Corona Virus:

  • Such viruses naturally die within a few hours on surfaces & objects. Being exposed to daily sunlight and warm temperature will reduce the time of coronavirus on surfaces & objects. 
  • Stick with a normal cleaning routine and keep washing your hands with water & soup wherever you go. It is a must you keep your hands away from your mouth, nose, and eyes as long as you are out of your home and it is much better to use a hand sanitizer whenever you touch a surface to keep yourself protected.
  • Use disinfectants in an appropriate and in a responsible way according to the use instructions written on the label. Kindly never mix bleach with other cleaning products as it can cause poisoned fumes and they are very harmful and may cause death. 
  • Using gloves in an appropriate way can keep you safe and away from germs for a long time while being outside as long as you don’t get the gloves close to your face and once you want to get rid of them, you should head to the closest rubbish basket and throw them.
  • Keep practical social distancing in mind, always wear facial coverings in public, and mainly follow proper prevention hygiene. 
  • Book your tour with a trusted well-known travel agency as you will at least guarantee that you are going to be in safe hands and they will take care of you from the very beginning to the end of your tour in Egypt.
  • Keep everything clean around you and here are some examples of frequently touched surfaces & objects you need to keep clean for your personal use:
  • Tables you use,
  • Doorknobs you touch,
  • Any light switches,
  • countertops,
  • handles,
  • desks,
  • phones,
  • keyboards,
  • toilets,
  • faucets & sinks,
  • gas pump handles,
  • touch screens
  • ATM machines
  • Or any other items that others may have access to before you.

What to Do If You Get COVID-19 in Egypt

Based on the studies of the WHO “World Health Organization”, the most common symptoms of COVID-19 are:

  • Fever
  • Loss of Taste & Smell
  • Physical Tiredness, and 
  • Dry Cough

There are less common symptoms including:

  • Aches & Pains
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Sore Throat
  • Diarrhea

You should put in mind that many CoronaVirus carriers don’t show any of the mentioned less common symptoms, however, those symptoms develop gradually.  Senior citizens & individuals who have underlying conditions including liver & kidney’s diseases, cardiovascular, diabetes are in a higher risk to experience critical symptoms of that virus and should definitely stay at home as possible as they can until a vaccine is created for COVID-19.  

In case of experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, it is highly advised to notify the Ministry of Health & Population with your current state while being in Egypt through calling 105 or 15335 so that they inform you with the main instructions you need to follow and how to manage the disease depending of the symptoms that appeared on you and your medical history.  

In general, most cases “experiencing Manage symptoms” can alleviate mild symptoms by having some rest, getting enough sleep, and taking the necessary medicine. In case of the development of any of your symptoms, you need to contact a doctor immediately to get the necessary instructions and how you can manage the symptoms regardless their severity and this is the recommendation of both the Who & the CDC. 

Those who are experiencing any of the following critical symptoms should seek emergency medical assistance at once to be able to save their lives “persistent Pain trouble breathing, pressure in the chest, inability to arouse, new confusion, bluish lips or face”. You should get in contact with any of the following numbers immediately to save your life and others lives: 105, 137, 15335, or 123. The Egyptian government will do its best to assist you whenever you ask for help and we will together overcome that pandemic and get everything in a much better state so soon. So be happy and enjoy your life as you have never done before.  


Egypt one of the top tourism countries to visit, but we should take care of our selves these days and Egypt will open it’s international airfares in the 1 of Jun, so it will be good to book your trip to Egypt right now and I highly recommend to check Egypt Tours Portal one of the top travel agencies and tourism organizations in Egypt. We hope our article are helped you enough with the best information and if you have any questions regarding the topic you can contact us at anytime.

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