Staying connected while traveling has become essential for adventurers worldwide. Whether navigating unfamiliar streets, sharing memorable moments with loved ones, or accessing vital travel resources, having a reliable data connection can greatly enhance the travel experience. 

While relying on traditional roaming from your regular mobile network operator seems like the most convenient option, it can be quite expensive. Another option is to pick up a local prepaid SIM card once you arrive at your destination, which can be cheaper but also comes with the challenges of managing multiple SIM cards and needing to swap between them. The newest solution on the market is choosing a travel eSIM, a game-changer for modern travelers seeking seamless connectivity on the go. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the unique features and benefits of international eSIMs, how they work, how to install them, some of the limitations of using them, and what to expect and look for when choosing from the many service providers. We will look into the different packages and offers of and how it empowers travelers to stay connected anywhere in the world.

What is a Travel eSIM

Let’s start with eSIM, short for embedded SIM, which is a digital SIM card that you can load into your device. eSIMs work exactly like traditional SIM cards, enabling your phone to connect to cellular networks and access mobile data. Unlike physical SIMs, eSIMs can be remotely activated, allowing you to easily switch between mobile carriers or plans.

A travel eSIM is a data-only package that includes a specific amount of data and has a fixed validity period.

Benefits of eSIMs for International Travel

Instant Connectivity: with eSIMs you can connect to local networks worldwide, this eliminates the need for physical SIM cards and provides uninterrupted access to essential services. Whether visiting bustling cities or remote areas, eSIM technology keeps you connected to the digital world, providing peace of mind and enhancing the travel experience.
Time-saving: No need to search for a local SIM card vendor, this means no queue at airport kiosks, or struggle with language barriers and finding your way to a local shop straight after you get off the plane. Instead, you can start exploring your destination and discover the top attractions right away.
Convenience: You can purchase an eSIM easily online before traveling, and once you arrive at your destination, you can activate it just with a couple of taps on your device. This streamlined process enhances convenience, allowing you to focus on your travel destination rather than telecommunications logistics.
Flexibility: eSIM technology offers unmatched flexibility since eSIMs are embedded in your device. You have full flexibility and convenience in choosing a new network or switching between them while traveling. You can have multiple eSIMs installed at the same time, and when you enter a new country, you can choose a new network immediately and enjoy data services.
More Cost-Effective than Roaming: Accessing data while abroad and using traditional roaming from your carrier is typically expensive. By choosing a locally sourced international eSIM data package, you can avoid these fees. With transparent pricing and flexible plans, a travel eSIM helps you manage telecommunications expenses efficiently, allowing you to allocate resources toward other aspects of your trip.
Security: Since eSIMs are digital, the chances of misplacing or losing them are eliminated, you don’t have to carry multiple cards, switch between them, or worry about losing one of them. Also, because they are embedded in your device, they are more secure, almost all devices are tied to biometric authentication or a password. This added layer of security makes it more difficult for someone to gain unauthorized access to your mobile data. 
Environmentally friendly: Just think about the amount of plastic waste that is produced when using a physical SIM card for a short trip to a country, after you get back, it gets discarded.  You can promote environmental consciousness while traveling with an eSIM, since they are digital, once they are not needed, they can just be deleted from your device.  

What is MobileSIM and How it Works

MobileSim is an international company that serves travelers all around the world, offering affordable travel eSIM data plans in over 190 countries and regions. You can get a data plan for as low as $4.50. Leaning on extensive experience in the telecom industry, the service is designed to provide high-speed data and reliable coverage.

To get started with a travel eSIM package, it’s essential to note that eSIMs function only on devices that are both eSIM compatible and network unlocked. 

Check the compatibility of your device by accessing its settings, and look for an EID number, if you can find it, it means your device has an eSIM chip. Most phones manufactured after 2018 are eSIM compatible, but this may vary depending on your location and carrier. You can also just simply consult this list of compatible devices. 

Now you can explore the range of travel eSIM plans and select the one that best suits your travel needs and budget.

The international data packages are local country-specific, regional, or global. So, if you are planning to travel only to one country, your best option is to go for a local data plan. If your travel itinerary includes visiting several countries in a region, for example, Europe or Latin America, the most economical package will be a regional one, that covers all of your data needs in most of the destinations within that region. For globetrotters planning to visit many countries and be in different parts of the globe, the global plan will offer the biggest savings. This plan has data coverage in 123 countries.

One of the other aspects that you need to take into consideration is the validity period. Data packages have a validity of 7, 15, or 30 days. The validity period starts when the eSIM is connected to any supported network. Choosing a package will depend on how long you are planning to be abroad and how much data you think will cover your needs.

For every local plan, you will see the supported networks on which it operates.

You will create an account, which can be done easily and quickly. Complete the purchase securely and receive your eSIM activation code via email. Once you install the eSIM on your compatible and unlocked device, you can instantly activate your data package and enjoy budget-friendly connectivity while exploring your destination. 

How to  Install a Travel eSIM

The process of activating an eSIM varies a bit from phone to phone, but generally, you will load the eSIM into your phone via a QR code or a manual code received via email. 

The QR code method is the easiest, just use your phone’s camera and scan it, as an alternative solution, just go to your cellular or mobile data settings manually. You get detailed instructions in the email about how to configure and activate it on Android and iOS devices. 

Typically, it takes only a minute or two to get your eSIM loaded into your phone’s settings, and then to activate it, you’ll just toggle it on. Then just enable data roaming and that’s it. Enjoy seamless connectivity!

Drawbacks of Travel eSIM

Traveling with eSIMs is the coolest way to go, but let’s look at some of the disadvantages of using them. 

One of its limitations comes from the fact that they are available only for eSIM compatible and unlocked devices. Even though most of the newer devices come with this capability, not all devices are compatible. If you happen to have an older device, using an eSIM for your travels will not be an option.

Another thing to consider is that they don’t include a local phone number, these are data-only packages, so if you also need a local phone number, this may not be the best solution. However, you can pretty much take care of all your communication needs by relying on the data connection. You have access to your emails, can use all your social media accounts, and have access to all your regular communication apps like WhatsApp. With all these, making phone calls is still possible and easy.

Final thoughts

Looking at all the options available to have a data connection abroad, travel eSIMs are the best option to go for. Especially when you want to avoid expensive roaming fees and don’t want to deal with complicated local physical SIM cards.

As long as you have a compatible device, you can choose from the many providers and offers available. Determine the length of your trip and estimate how much data you will need. Select a data plan that best fits your needs based on which countries you are planning to visit.

For travelers seeking a reliable and hassle-free solution for staying connected on the go, travel eSIM from is certainly worth considering. It can be the reliable travel companion that ensures budget-friendly data connection wherever you go, one of those essential things that you put on your list when planning your next adventure.

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