How to Recreate Your Favorite Vacation at Home

How to Recreate Your Favorite Vacation at Home

A Guest Post by Traci Magnus

Sometimes, the travel bug hits hard, but we’re not always able to jet off to a new beautiful destination the moment that desire sets in, which is why we like to turn our home into a vacation destination. Although we love having new experiences in gorgeous settings, a vacation is really all about who you’re with. So, if you find yourself needing an escape, get your significant other, roommate or best friend on board to have a stay-home vacay with one of these fun activities. You can also use this time to research places you might want to go and start planning a visit to Charleston, S.C., for a down South escape or a trip to the West Coast for a taste of California living. Just allow yourself to use your imagination and create the great escape that you’re craving.


Try the ‘Marie Kondo Method’

Okay, we realize that cleaning out your entire home may not sound like a vacation, but hear us out. When we have a bunch of free time on our hands, it’s the best opportunity to get rid of some of that clutter that can stress you out during the times when you are rushing from place to place. Allowing yourself to pick through your belongings and really recognize the things of value in your home can remove some of the chaos from your living space and make it feel more like a hotel or a luxury accommodation. You can even go the extra mile and learn how to make towel animals to leave on the beds as a nice little surprise when everyone in your home turns in for the night. If you’ve never watched Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, learn more about her organization methods to help you sort through your things and bring more joy into your life.


Use Aromatherapy

Smell is one of the most intense senses when it comes to initiating feelings of nostalgia. Have you ever walked by your favorite restaurant and gotten a whiff of a meal that you’ve had? You’re almost instantly transported back to that memory in your mind, which is why we like to use candles and other scent diffusers to make us feel like we’re in the very destination we’re dreaming about. Purchase candles scented like the ocean or the beach to incite feelings of a tropical getaway or use an oil diffuser with scents like evergreen trees and apple pie to make it feel like you’re tucked away on a cabin escape. The candle lighting will help set a relaxing mood as well. You can even use them while taking a bath for an extra level of relaxation.

Have a Spa Night

Nothing transports you to a luxurious resort like organizing your very own spa night at home. This is a great activity to do solo, with your significant other or with friends. The options are endless when it comes to arranging a spa night. We recommend first changing into a fluffy bathrobe and some slippers to really make you feel as though you’re about to experience ultimate relaxation. Then, set the mood with some aromatherapy and quiet, meditative music. Put on a face mask and cover your eyes with some cucumbers while lying in the bathtub. You can also enjoy your spa night on the couch and have the girls swap manis and pedis.


Catch Some Rays

Sometimes the easiest way to have an at-home vacation is simply by doing things that you would normally do on vacation while at home. Get a comfortable lawn chair and bring it out into your yard or on your porch, and you’ll feel like you’re basking in the sun on a beach getaway. Make yourself a fancy cocktail, like a Mai Tai, and you’ll be mentally transported to the islands of Hawaii. This tip is really all about what you make it. You can even pack a small beach bag with sunscreen, a good book, towels and beach games to make it feel like you’re really headed to the shore. You can even play beach games like bocce or volleyball right in your own yard.


Unplug for a Few Hours

We take vacations as a way to de-stress from everyday life and experience new places and cultures. Although we get more insight into these destinations when we actually experience it firsthand, there are ways to get a similar experience from your home. Try to disconnect from your everyday stresses like work by unplugging for the night. Put your phone in a different room, hide your computer and allow yourself to feel total and utter relaxation. Give yourself this time to sit down and read a book with a glass of wine, spend time meditating or work on a project like a painting or craft. You can also try to learn more about a place you’d like to visit by finding an authentic dish and whipping it up yourself. The most important thing is to leave your device alone for a few hours and let yourself enjoy this mini vacation.


Order a Special Meal In

Trying a new restaurant or ordering room service is one of the best parts about taking a trip, but this is an easy way to turn your stay at home into a vacation. Pick a gourmet meal from your favorite restaurant or splurge on takeout from a fancy restaurant that you’ve always wanted to try. Get yourself a nice bed tray and enjoy dinner in bed to make it feel like you just ordered room service. Turn on a good movie and pour yourself a glass of wine to pair with your dinner in bed.

Turn Your Home into a Vacation Destination

Just because you can’t jet off to a beautiful vacation destination right now doesn’t mean you can’t create your own getaway right inside your house. If you want to make it a romantic couple’s escape, suggest a spa night and “room service” in bed to your significant other or get your friends together for a pretend day at the beach while laying out in your backyard. The options are endless when it comes to at-home vacations. Just get creative and make sure to unplug and help yourself relax.

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