How to prepare properly for a yacht charter?

How to prepare properly for a yacht charter?

Holidays or sailing holidays are an unforgettable adventure. However, when planning this type of activity, we must prepare ourselves for it. We should know the rules of the cruise, what we should take with us and what to watch out for during the yacht charter.

Access to the place

Don’t forget to organize your flight / arrival in advance. Do not postpone such things to the last minute. If you plan to arrive a few days earlier before departure, be sure to book your hotel and arrange travel to the destination town, to the marina.

Documents are the basis

The documents that we should have on the yacht are the necessary yacht certificate, confirmation of yacht insurance, crew list. Depending on which flag the yacht is marked and in which country we are, these documents will always be slightly different. Among them is often found radio license, life raft safety certificate, safety card. Participants on a yacht should take their ID, passport and insurance with them. It is worth reviewing what laws and rules apply in a given country and in specific waters. An important element is the operator’s phone number, which should be on the first pages of the documents. It becomes useful in the case of a fault, accident or problem with documents.

What to bring with you

When planning a yacht charter, we must remember to properly pack our luggage. Due to the small amount of space on the yacht, it is better when you reduce the necessary things to a minimum and take the most-needed items in a soft bag. During the yacht charter, some things may seem obvious, but unfortunately we often forget about them. Remember to bring: shoes with a bright, rubber sole that will not leave marks on the deck, clothes for hot and cold weather, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, a flashlight with a battery supply, a sharp solid knife that can be helpful in many situations, sunglasses and a hat, as well as waterproof covers, maps and a lighter.

Packed lunch

The packed lunch is an integral part of the equipment of every crew during yacht charter. Although in most cases the crew will dine in port taverns or restaurants, we can get hungry on the board. It is worth choosing products with a long expire date and which do not spoil too quickly. Let’s avoid dairy products and meat products.

A good plan is the basis of a successful cruise, but the most important is good humor and positive energy! It won’t hurt a bit of spontaneity — change of route, unplanned mooring in the wild or landing to the mainland and visiting the city together.

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